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Having spent a lot of time in Morocco because my wife is from there and being around the football fans there in Casablanca. I must say it was quite the experience and the love and dedication to their clubs and national football is on par with Europe or anywhere in South America.

My question is can TT ever get to this level of support? Keep in mind, Raja isn't as well funded as other European clubs but they do have a population that the majority does play football.

Check their doc below, some interesting stuff...

Football / The Best Ways to SABOTAGE the T&T National Football Team...
« on: September 11, 2023, 05:52:01 AM »
It is becoming evident that the NC is colluding with national coaches to sabotage our football program and blacklist players who stand up to the corrupt federation that is a puppet for FIFA.

Reading the response of certain players recently and the inability of Head Coaches in T&T, it's clear as day they are being paid to sabotage our football. With the exceptions of Hart and Bertille St Clair of course...

The best ways to sabotage the T&T football team:

A coach having no clear strategy for matches, there is no plan, no style, no structure, no combinations, no clear cut approach. This is done deliberately, to sabotage the team and create tension with the senior players.

Degrading the players, openly putting down players and instiling an inferiority complex in them. This team is better than you, deliberate sabotage to create low self esteem and low team morale. It creates a losing environment.

No presence of a technical committee for the national team.

The country is not paying the Head Coach, FIFA pays the NC and the NC pays the coach, there is no autonomy in T&T football, and T&T is subject to control from outside influences.

The NC is still in the country, neo-colonialism at it's finest. The recent coups in central Africa to remove the french colonial presence should be a lesson for T&T. Get rid of the NC and take control of your program, this NC is an institution for sabotage and oppression.

The head coach is a sell out, he may indeed be able to coach well but he is beholden to his masters at the NC and beyond. Any progress will be met with the axe, Hart faced this sabotage and was the reason he was fired.

Deliberately creating tension with senior players to create control over younger players and players who have less power. Head Coaches creating a toxic environment is deliberate because it allows them to escape criticism and maintain their role as the puppet.

Coaches can manipulate strategies to lose and deliberately not develop a plan, when they are capable of doing it. So the players can say he didn't know what he was doing, he wasn't ready. No, he was capable and ready, he just chose to not coach because he's acting on instructions.

Create the illusion of being incapable but in reality it is sabotage and high level manipulation. We can also assume that they can purprosely install a incapable coach because it further debilitates the football program, on pupose. However, I believe it's not the latter...

The fight to bring Lumina to light

The plot for the Lumina movie is riveting.

Written by Trinidad and Tobago national Gino McKoy the movie follows ďa manís obsession for his girlfriend after she disappears in a blinding light, going in search of her, he discovers the truth that will change both of their lives, forever ."

It is therefore no wonder that Lumina is listed as a Sci-Fi Action Thriller.

The behind-the-scenes to get the movie off the ground, however, is an unbelievable drama.

What is the PNM doing about football currently?

I haven't seen any move to improve football or sport in the country. Post Covid you would think the PNM would try to give the youth of T&T some hope for the future. I haven't seen anything but it have some die hards on here who continue to prop up these sell outs in government.

What is PNMs stance on the NC? The PNM can step in and have this NC removed if they choose, Rowley however, will never do that. Some prefer to bow, some prefer to fight and stand up to a corrupt regime that has not only crippled our football but killed it.

The spite towards JW has also transferred to the national team and football. The appointment of Eve is a strong indicator of where they want football to be, head or end up. Sadly, a wasteland and with the 2026 WC being one that is attainable the NC and FIFA are making it almost impossible for us to qualify.

If you want to get rid of the NC and put PNM in a position that they have to react. A national walkout and closure of all football programs needs to happen. This united effort which is needed is the only way to get them to leave and test the PNM and their loyalty to the people of TT and our football.

STOP FOOTBALL... Sometimes you have to go through the fire to come out on top. There is no other way to fix this illegal occupation of our football.

People doubted me as usual and as usual end up eating crow ...

The narrow mindedness of our people is astounding. Lambasting and gnashing of teeth when someone says the government are sell outs and are on the side of fifa creates tension and anger for those who are brainwashed in and out of TT that vote and vote for the pnm or unc.

But this is all about the pnm right now and itís history of selling out and destroying our nation. Rowley has shown where his allegiance lies, and that is not with the people and ttfa. Rowley is looking bad now, heís saving face and wants to ensure to his superiors that the local revolutionaries are under control.

He has shown his true colours, of course the supporters will rush to this thread and defend him, I expect that from those who are less intelligent and blindly support those who oppress them...

You know whatís so hypocritical about this board...

You have men on here preaching about Malcolm X, MLK Jr., Padmore, CLR James, Dr. Williams, Bob Marley, Marcus Garvey etc etc

But when our local fed stands up against neo colonialism and institutional racism and sell outs locally, the majority come running to denounce, criticize and undermine the actions of the few who are not only innocent but have decided, ďEnoughĒ.

Fanonís analysis on inferiority is at play here. The precedent being set here is historic, it also opens up fifa to uncharted territory. Meaning, others will follow, and could lead to some waking up finally that an alternative is needed.

Caribbean and African football is not progressing under fifa. Nor will it reach to the level of dominance it should be at.

So you can continue to beg for your master to take us back, but that is the product of a brainwashed and enslaved mentality that doesnít know any better.

Football / The football sell outs have revealed themselves in TT
« on: August 27, 2020, 12:51:00 AM »
We now know who they are

They have come forward in numbers to support fifa.

So I hope people pay attention and also donít talk rubbish afterwards

Itís clear as day who is really against TT rising as a footballing power in the region

Furthermore, it also shows how brainwashed the majority of our people are, you see it in the elections and you see it now...

Dependency instead of selfish sufficiency

The time has come...

BCCI threatened to leave the ICC and form a new cricket council because of unfairness from England and Australia and the fact India was bringing in 70% of world cricket revenues.

Now people will say, the Caribbean doesnít have that revenue or population but with Africa we do. It means the two most powerful voting blocs in FIFA can join together and create a new football association outside of this corruption we are presently seeing.

Keep in mind, both unions have over 1 billion people, which translates to fans, tv viewers, sponsorships, etc. Both unions donít need FIFA to thrive and host their version of a World Cup. In fact, they can leave FIFA to Europe and still thrive, without FIFA sanctions and oversight.

87 nations and a new qualifying model. I donít see why this is not an option, it actually allows these nations to finally grow their football and their programs even more so than under FIFA.

It will also give the team options for revenue sharing models where local leagues will get the funding needed to build local football federations and still have a better chance to compete at the big stage, as opposed to the smaller chance as Europe and other federations take away spots for the WC that could have gone to an African or Caribbean nation. Which in turn is beneficial in so many ways, from youth level go up.

It wouldnít be the conventional model of tv viewing for instance. Streaming and apps, and websites would offer a new way to get everyone to see matches. It will also offer the flexibility to not be controlled by major media outlets which may choose to not cover the breakaway association. If Asia, India and other nations or unions want to join, then so be it, but it starts with CFU and CAF, it is time they use their power.

I think now is the time for both football unions to come together and put an end to the oppression and forge a new path that will bring more much benefits that disappointments.

Football / The Empire Strikes Back - The oppression of T&T football
« on: March 18, 2020, 02:26:13 PM »
Itís almost laughable to see how threatened bigger nations feel by our twin island republic making progressive strides to stability.

The progress of T&T football is seen as a threat because of our talent and skill and with a good coach and structured, disciplined football we pose the biggest risk to the so called top teams in Concacaf.

From my observations, the team we were assembling would not only put us back on top but also put us in a position to go for the qualifying spot in the 2022 WC.

This is more than just money, itís about power in the region, superiority and itís very political. Suppression of our football because of the hegemony enjoyed by the few. The Caribbean region on the whole in fact.

We have always been more talented but our federation has always sold out and been corrupt, so corrupt that it has squandered our talent over the decades because people of colour, the African diaspora must stay midway or below; despite having the votes necessary to rule world football.

It started with the dismantling of Hart, getting rid of our best players at that time, puppet replacements to ensure our football is kept at a substandard level to ensure others success, putting in place a president who is controlled and is in the ďHouseĒ. Followed by a string of losses and insurmountable debt, in hopes the football fraternity will be docile and football fans would lose interest.

Then came the turning point, elections that would overturn their plans and get rid of their puppet coach and President. This angered many who stand to benefit from the downfall of TT football.

The colonial mentality is to make those believe they are not talented enough and that they are having delusions of grandeur when in fact itís quite the opposite. The talent is there and was always there, so much so that it upsets the equation, the status quo.

So what better time to react, pandemic, a health crisis that dominates the media. It presents a perfect opportunity to swoop in and remove any progressive team that will upset the hierarchy in Concacaf. There are sectors as we know in society that donít want to see people of colour on top. These are facts that we must face, itís beyond money, there are deeper implications involved here.

They saw our trajectory and had to put a stop to it, there is nothing normal about that. We are staring in the face of hypocrisy and corruption to its highest degree. As one poster said, we should take this lying down.

In fact, I believe we need to be united against the sell outs locally and those who stand to oppress us and our football. We have to finally stand united, this is not ego, itís about seeing our people, our team and our sports progress to where it should have been decades ago.

United we stand, divided we fall...

After the dictator and DL cut these players off, donít be surprised to see them back on the team and winning games for the national team again:

Cummings - he will get a recall and will play, heís back to level again

Ranjitsingh - will be called back and will start, Jan is coaching now, so this opens his door

Bostock - with DL and the dictator gone, we should expect him back and finally in national colours

KenĒwineĒ LOL Jones - I hope he comes out of retirement, I believe he has two more years in those legs and one more World Cup

Jones - should be back now that the clowns are gone

Levi Garcia - will be allowed to play free flowing attacking football again, under DL and the dictator they made sure to stifle his talent to a nil

There was anotherís European keeper who had trini heritage, forgot his name now


Will be going for drinks tomorrow in celebration of the dictator riding out

However, we have serious business to handle..

- get rid of the current coach

- nullify those coaching contract extensions issued last night before the election

- give us a shortlist of coaches

Who will be our next coach, list your choices?

Football / Hypothetical with Hart .... 2022 Qatar can be in our reach...
« on: November 19, 2019, 04:29:40 PM »
Hypothetically speaking, the dictator and the stooge are removed this year.

A new boss steps in, Hart is rehired, he theoretically has until June 2020 to get his team together and survive the knockout stage, beat the 4th place team in the hex, which will be, Panama? Then face the Asian winner, for a place in the 2022 WC in Qatar...

Hart needs to finish what he started and he will if this scenario plays out. What I will say is, Jones should come out of retirement and play out those last 2 years.

What I will also say is, it will be an action packed, roller coaster of a ride. I feel if this happens and we qualify under Hart, it will be even more memorable and story book than 2006. Coming from the bottom and rising like a phoenix from the ashes after the dictator left us in total disarray.

What a comeback story it will be for our football.

With the introduction of the ranking system determining TTs future in the hex, the Dictator can rest well now, he has almost completed his job fully. His minion our coach has also followed orders to a T.

The sabotage began with Hart and ends with TT having to wait till 2026 to qualify. Ensuring the bigs donít have any complications this rounds. Lawrence has done his job and will be rewarded once he leaves our shores, you will then see his full potential with either a club team or another nation. He knows how to coach, not on the level of Hart but good enough to win but thatís not the agenda, that was not his purpose.

If fact, I bet the dictator knew about the ranking system and the new qualification process prior to his election, which was part of his plan to execute.

The final nail in the coffin will be the re election, which in turn will drive fans away from football. The fans are already saying, those who donít know the inner workings, that we are not good enough, lack some skill, etc etc all nonsense. Thatís what they want the fan base to focus on and believe.

Itís all to make fans give up on football so the dictator can run freely without any judgement or being put under the microscope. But why do it? Simple, power, money and greed.... materialism is a disease and a way to manipulate and control people with a weak mind, morality canít live or exist in that environment ....

Football / The 10 ways of how you can sabotage a Football team....
« on: June 23, 2019, 03:17:57 PM »
1. Own and control the President of said federation, make sure heís crooked enough to sell out anyone and anything without a conscience

2. Hire and pay for the coach, externally, not internally, whoever pays the coach, controls what he does and how he does it, coach must be also willing to sell out, even better if he is from said country and appears to be a patriot, makes it so much easier to manipulate the fans and cover up the corruption

3. Fire the existing coach that is progressing the team and is not willing to sell out and can actually take the team somewhere

4. Make sure the existing coach doesnít have the necessary support staff or resources, then create immense pressure on said coach to create avenue for firing, to install the puppet coach

5. Donít pay the players over an extended period of time, with the real coach at the helm, create a negative working environment to create distractions to the team while big matches are on the horizon

6. Drop our best striker and coerce players to create division within the team to break chemistry and dismantle team, in prep of firing coach

7. Interference into player selection by the puppet dictator to create avenue for firing of real coach

8. Once puppet coach is installed, he gets rid of players loyal to the real coach and gives ultimatum to the rest that they must tow the line or never play again

9. Once puppet coach is installed, he begins the process of deception and sabotage, playing players out of position and benching the best players

10. Ensure the constitution of the football body has loopholes to ensure the puppet dictator remains in power long enough to achieve the sabotage, as well as having supporters who will support his corruption

Posters and posers who have been a part of this discussion board since its inception has seen many instances of corruption and have heard of bribery and other nefarious activities in our football.

Just today a friend of mine who's from Guatamala that lives in LA spoke of the bribery and nefarious deeds being done within that football association.

Why is it so far fetched for posters on here? Why is our nation above that type of corrpution?

Well newsflash to the naive, we are not, it's been there, many times disguised and right in front of your faces.

Trinbago is a small twin island republic that I would say in regards to football and what I have been told by many close to football and world football, is one of the most corrupt and undermining associations per capita.

Not only can we afford to fund our football indirectly and without fifa intervention but we can build a great program like Belgium if we were ever allowed to. In its place we get corrupt leadership and coaches who are in it for the money and never the progression of our sport. Who are afraid and not brave enough or honest enough to take a stand and finally turn around our football.

When we get a great local who has a vision he is criticized and thrown on the wayside because he dares to go outside the box and challenge the corrupt and inept. And those who are narrow minded and cant see past their noses.

We are getting what we deserve, many of the ignorant posters on here create every excuse in the book to justify why we fail and always attribute it to lack of talent etc etc

And never to corruption and ulterior motives. It's time people wake up, I predicted this over 2 years ago and we are here now.

If the board and locally people can wake up, they will realize by coming together they can get rid of the rotten and replace them with people who really want to see our football rise...

Check out my music video ďSensy GirlĒ and my debut singles below on Spotify and all platforms Worldwide...

Football / Trinidad and Tobago Football is the fall guy in CONCACAF
« on: October 06, 2017, 01:04:31 AM »
Growing up you would hear things from the elders, but you would dismiss it as speculation.

But as you got older and wiser and were further exposed to politics and how things worked it made sense in the whole scheme of things.

You would also wonder why some our best players never played in their prime for the national team or why our presidents who were elected never had our football in their best interest.

You would reduce it to incompetence or lack of intelligence but then on further investigation you realized it wasnít neither of those things.

In the end it boiled down to politics, power and money. It was never about the game itself or how talented  the team really was.

TT and the admin, management, presidents who were and are in charge have been placed there to ensure TT takes the fall for other teams to advance. It happened in the past and itís happening now.

A small twin island republic doesnít have that political power to control its own destiny, its controlled by others through their reps who have chosen to sell out. We must continue to play the fall guy especially in tight qualifying campaigns like what we have this time around.

That means TT must take a fall at all costs, Hart and a full team would prevent that from happening.

The dictator made a underhanded business decision and that entailed selling out for power and money.

In case you think this was just a recent anomaly, youíre mistaken, throughout our history since 90 we have played that role.

The powers that be know that given a good coach and proper training and prep, TT can qualify for every World Cup, this presents a problem, hegemony cannot be sustained with a spoiler, only with a fall guy...

I'm behind on track news but what happened to our sprinters?

I know Richard had that statement not too long ago but what the hell is going on?

For a nation that has more money than Jamaica and other islands, it's a shame we don't have things in order and it's 2017

I'm curious as to what nations outside of Trinidad and Tobago are currently using the FIFA development fund/FIFA subvention to pay their Head Coach?

It was highlighted by Thomo as well as myself that Dennis Lawrence's salary is being paid by this FIFA development funding, which FIFA has increased in amount since Infantino has become President. Which was highlighted by Lasana in his recent article of Infantino's visit to T&T for a friendly football match with our local football fraternity.

Are there any other nations relying on this funding to pay their Head Coaches? And if so, isn't this a conflict of interest?

It is abundantly clear what the objective is in CONCACAF.

Teams like Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica etc., are under heavy manners and will be kept down from rising to the top of football in the region because of many nefarious factors.

In particular, TT has self serving house negroes that are willing to sell out at the drop of a dime. They are ensuring that our program remains in the doldrums of football in the region.

What we are seeing now is beyond white supremacy and corruption. It's carefully constructed collusion and sabotage of the highest order. Money being the main factor, football is more than just a sport, it's a business and politically connected in regards to the perceived image of superiority.

Trinbagonians of a predominantly African origin being the best footballing team in the region doesn't sit well with many. That image is not only empowering but uplifting. Upliftment that is not wanted as it doesn't serve the divisive efforts of those that wield the power.

The irony is, Hart being a coach of mixed European descent had more heart for our nation than our current regime who will sell out their nation for advancement, money and power.

What we have witnessed is the systematic dismantling of our team and core players who would have won the first two wc qualifiers had external and local saboteurs not stepped in to sabotage our wc campaign.

Saboteurs like the dictator value money over the nation and our national football. Selling out and sabotage has been part of our football for the last 4 decades and continues today because we have sell outs among us that are willing and ready....

I've noticed that there has been little or no action regarding the senior men's team and we have approx 6 weeks to go...

Why is Dennis waiting till last minute and why is there no updates, with Hart he was proactive and wanted local camps many weeks in advance and was scouting but so far we have no idea what is going on.. no naming of the staff and so forth..

Like the fete and carnival atmosphere kick in for Tallest, the dictator dont mind that, because the less prepared our team the more it plays into his plans

The inability of our local governing body for football to raise money independently of FIFA through private funding, sponsorship, local revenue from the game and sufficient govt allocation, leaves us susceptible to outside interference and control.

The pieces of the puzzle of local football corruption are all coming together now to reveal exactly why certain things happen or why certain things don't happen.

The FIFA development fund should be used for grassroots programs and national youth development programs. Anything outside of this realm should be subject to criticism and skepticism because of FIFAs past that is littered with corruption, especially in relation to senior men's football worldwide.

The fact that our national coaches are vetted, contracted and paid by FIFA means there is a strong possibility of them being controlled and manipulated.

I believe our local federation should at all times, pay for all of our national coaches and not put themselves into a position of vulnerability and subjection by any external force.

Being a part of FIFA and working within their framework is acceptable but there must be some form of autonomy that must exist, especially in relation to funding and control of coaches and national programs.

The question needs to be asked, who approves the funding from FIFA, what are the terms of this allocation and who are the superiors involved?

I have no problem with the woman's coach receiving a high salary but why isn't that afforded to the men's coach in a qualifying year?

The dictator chose SANTHIEF at supposedly a bargain basement price, bawling no money which I know is a lie because he hasn't revealed how much allocation he has received from the govt for 2017. He did that because he is making his bribe and match fixing money to throw/sabotage games...

If he really didn't sell out he would have allocated more money to our men's team to retain Hart or would have replaced him with a top notch coach who they can more than afford.

This should tell you that he has ulterior motives to sabotage our chances. It's the logical explanation when examining the differences in salary and timing of his decisions.. if they are smart enough to select morace, they know what is good for our football, they are doing things deliberately to sabotage our chances.

As I said it is a culmination of factors involved here... morace is getting paid twice the amount and our men's team is in a qualifying year, the dictator refuses to spend the money he has and opts to not get the best available option, all translates to sabotage by him and his minions..

But why sabotage the team when greater money can be made? Well it's easy, he has sold out and a part of his deal is to sabotage the team and match fixing is a part of that... it's the only logical explanation to their behaviour..

Football / The Era of McCarthyism and Trinidad and Tobago football...
« on: January 09, 2017, 03:28:52 PM »
Subversion and treason are all too familiar words that have now become common place when referring to the current state of Trinidad and Tobago football.

Unlike the recently concluded US presidential elections, Trinidad and Tobago football pales in comparison on the level of importance with patriots and ex pats. Or does it? Or frankly, why should it?

In 2006, we saw the jubilation of our supporters and it was transplanted to the European shores where our glee was evident amongst the locals and it not only helped to elevelate our nation but brought together our people. You may not be able to fully quantify the importance of our football succeeding at that level but you can see its intangible value that it adds to the psyche of the people.

We have now entered the dark ages of our football once more, which brings me to the meat of the matter. The current administration of the ttfa has engaged in McCarthyesque propaganda that has served to derail and destabilize our wc campaign, as well as isolate the best players we have available to us.

From the unfair allegations made against Hart with the medical staff, to the recent falsities made against JJ it has served to not only distract but also inevitably keep the football loving public in the shadows of ambivalence.

In order to understand McCarthyism you must understand the end goals of what the wielder is using these tactics to achieve.

Justification of administrative decisions - unfair allegations made against Hart by the medial staff, publications from both sides which left the majority of the public in doubt over Harts competence. This was then cemented with the returning of the medical staff in a non verbal statement that Hart may have been the wrongdoer.

The testament of the president and ttfa that results are what drove their decision in changes made prior to the march qualification matches. Molinos decision to leave the national team and other players indiscipline that was termed as Hart losing the locker room which led to a string of losses. Another unfair allegation and part of the subversive tactics used to fuel doubt in Harts tenure.

SANTHIEF and the terrorists retraction of statements made by SANTHIEF to Sancho. Setting up the current coach who is also aware of the Dictators plans to axe veteran players, over an initiative that was never put in black and white for pro league players and owners. Much of it leaning on heresay.

 SANTHIEF and the new coaching staffs devaluation of players being too slow and not capable of playing the new coaches style of football. However, Messis post match comments after playing the same players was quite different, in fact he commented on how fast and strong the team was and that was not the only example of manipulation of the media and a twisting of the truth.

The constant lamenting of local players being not up to standard and players based abroad not being loyal to the nation. Has anyone checks the betting odds on us losing to Suriname? Especially since we were fed that this team can be as good as a complete team with both local and foreign based. Do yourselves a favour and check the odds on our games and the results.

McCarthyism is alive and well and is being used by our current football admin to not only derail and sabotage our national football but to also serve the purposes of a few for their own benefit. In order for this to be stopped, we need to come together as a football community and put aside our differences for the greater good. A prosperous and thriving national football program that our nation deserves.

The Mexico matches awakened the money men in TT... Their masters went on high alert, TT was rising and became too unpredictable...

You Can't throw/fix matches with a coach who is above board... TT was on the path to qualify for Russia but that needed to be stopped..

The Dictator steps into the picture to execute the sabotage of the team in order to keep the hegemony in the region in tact... too many rising teams spells danger to the elite teams, you can't have that unpredictability so the hatchet man was sent in with his cabal to dismantle the progress and ensure there is no surprises..

Bookies don't like surprises, especially when it involves millions of dollars, tampering is the only way to guarantee results that make them and their minions money...

The guillotine was dropped, heads rolled and the Hart stopped pulsating...

Things are now back on course, Trinidad is back in its rightful place, thanks to the sell outs... during enslavment the enslaved in the house remained close to the master, so too does the Dictator and the Terrorist with the assistance of the Puppet...

CHECK MATE is coming soon as I foretold, Andre tried to derail me and my insight but now he is nowhere to be seen, Judas is among us....

2022 is now what we should aim for and during that time a football revolution must happen and a culling is in order...

Out of curiosity and not to make this political, because I know it have a set of blind partisan supporters of both parties on here..

But how much was allocated to sport and football as a whole? How much money has the ttfa received?

Nowhere have I read anything about the sports minister talking about this, I see him shake the Dictator hand. That's it... unless it's all a secret how much they receiving..

So all the partisan supporters who campaigned endlessly on this board, enlighten me about this because I'm curious about the supposedly cash strapped ttfa?

It's a simple question really, what was the budget for sport and what was allocated from that to the ttfa for football?

The dictator and his cabal has already picked the gold cup team without our knowledge and this is just a part of the underhanded things that are transpiring...

Flex had an interview with the new coach, he never answers questions in detail, which means djw is controlling everything including selection...

He repeats his answers continually and doesn't speak of tactics which to me is a sign of him not knowing what his strategy will be and in addition it is probably being dictated to him...

The corruption continues ....

You think Shabazz, Fenwick, Fevrier or any of them would even be considered to coach a G20 nation?

Let's put this in perspective here for those who are not the sharpest tool in the shed... Hart was head and shoulders above his fellow Trinis down home, so much so that jealousy, envy and spite came into the picture.

None of them will ever be in a position to coach a country like Canada. You think it's easy to get that job and also structure, develop and coach also the women's program?

You think immigrants are given things easy in Canada? Hart had the intellect, work ethic and ability to get that job, it wasn't luck or because some may say he's a local white.. so dispell that ignorance..

Locally most are living in a bubble and don't understand what level of intelligence and performance you need to function at to get a job like what Hart had, to come home and work for free at times under small minded dictators for the love of his country...

Hart is a patriot and a son of the soil.. remember that and remember none of the coaches and the rest locally who fight down Hart getting a call to coach even Canada.

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