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Football / TTFA fines Molino, Jones and Williams.
« on: September 12, 2016, 07:49:53 AM »

So 3 overseas based players broke camp and went on a boat ride. I guess they too young to remember Trotman. I say name them I WANT A PUBLIC APOLOGY. People cyah be going through hell to come to pay their hard earn money and them fetting. Let them know November 11 is Panel season.

So I want a press conference and apology at a minimum.

« on: July 14, 2016, 10:57:45 AM »
India will invoke old Patos they will beat we in the East, they will beat we in the West, they will beat we in the North and they will beat we in the South.

General Discussion / WATSON DUKE
« on: May 16, 2016, 07:29:38 AM »
To appear in court today charge with sexual assault and rape.

Cricket Anyone / RIP RANGY NANAN
« on: March 23, 2016, 10:35:35 AM »
He died today.

General Discussion / BYE BYE PORTIA BYE BYE
« on: February 26, 2016, 11:15:15 AM »
She and Kams now in the same boat. Is just she did not get a bad licking like old Kams.

General Discussion / 3 lovers unite during autopsy
« on: April 28, 2015, 10:46:46 AM »
Jensen La Vende

Trinidad Guardian

A bond was formed between three women at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, yesterday, after they all arrived at the facility teary-eyed to claim the remains of the same man, Lennox “Chin” Gibson, who was gunned down at the home of one of the women.

By the end of their visit they realised they had all shared intimate relationships with Gibson who had managed to keep his secret lifestyle with each one completely hidden.

According to police reports, Gibson, 43, who is originally from Guyana, was found dead at the home of his girlfriend of seven years Michelle Lamorelle, at Lodge place, East Dry River, Port-of-Spain, on Sunday night.

Police said Gibson was called out by a man and when he went to check he was shot twice. Lamorelle arrived home to find him dead around 9.40 pm. But when Lamorelle arrived at the centre for the autopsy yesterday, she was greeted by two other women, both claiming to be Gibson’s significant other.

After realising the secret lifestyle Gibson had led, the women all stood at the entrance of the centre discussing their relationships with the man, who they all subsequently labelled a “dog” for his treatment of them. Others who showed up at the facility grieving were seen peering at the women, all of different height weight and mannerisms.

Some were heard commenting on the confusion, labelling the man as a “sweetman with a “magic stick.” One worker at the facility even said he wanted to learn from Gibson as he was “a real boss.”

At first Lamorelle, obviously hurt as she had a child with Gibson, was heard saying she was not going to bury him and even wanted to change the child’s last name to hers.

But by the end all three women were seen embracing each other and vowed to stand by each other and contribute to the funeral expenses.

Before coming to this agreement, however, the women explained how Gibson spent his last moments on earth.

The “newest” of Gibson’s girlfriends, who was identified only as Tonya, said he left her Diego Martin home at 4.30 am Sunday. She said she later heard he was killed and went to the Besson Street Police Station to confirm.

She recalled: “The Chin that I know was a kind, loving person. I was with him for a year-and-five months. He never have no woman. “He was always faithful to the relationship, working night and day... workaholic... hard-working man.” Tonya added that on Saturday Gibson was in a happy mood when he came to visit her. “He told me he loved me before he left and he wanted me to cook for him. He said he had two stops to make before he reached to work,” Tonya said.

Longest relationship

The second longest relationship, which was for five years, was with a woman named Patricia from Petit Valley. She last saw Gibson just before noon Sunday as he left for work in Sangre Grande. He visited her at 5 am Sunday, she said.

Patricia said Gibson promised to open a business with her, a promise he also made with Tonya. Gibson, they all said, was a foreman with Agostini and did gypsum installation. Patricia too said that Gibson was good to her.

“I not going to say my life revolve around Chin. Things happen in the past and I was always on my guard but I always watch him closely,” Patricia said. “About two years ago before my man died, a woman from San Fernando call and said that she was his (Gibson) woman. He tried denying it but then I found out he was up in the house in Cocorite.”

Patricia added that in her last conversation with him she asked him to slow down as he claimed he had to rush off to work. He wanted pelau for lunch so Patricia cooked that, although she wanted to do her “usual Sunday lunch.” Lamorelle, who was in the longest lasting relationship with Gibson, said he was a talented man for his ability to manoeuvre three women as far as they knew. She threatened to leave the expense of burying him to his family in Guyana. “He call me and tell me he coming up the road and when I reach home he was dead. When I saw him I started to cry,” Lamorelle said.

The three women were each given money between Friday and Sunday morning — one $700, another $1,100 and the third $1,500. All three promised to cook for him. Tonya couldn’t as there was no water. Lamorelle cooked rice and stewed fish, while Patricia made pelau all because Gibson liked rice.

Cricket Anyone / ALLOY LEQUAY
« on: March 15, 2015, 06:13:10 PM »
Is dead.

General Discussion / BREAKING NEWS
« on: February 03, 2015, 11:02:45 AM »
 President Carmona has revoked Destra's appointment. Kamla is the new queen of baccahnal.


By Nicole S Farrell

An American woman saying “Don’t start none, won’t be none!” is equivalent to a Trini woman saying, “You go ahead wit’ me!”
Trini women — and I deliberately say Trini — are a no-nonsense bunch when it comes to preparing the house for the Christmas season. They are militant in their vision and war could easily break out when her instructions aren’t carried out with urgency or quality effort.
Just like their children, men fall victim to these repeated calls for duty and they unwittingly invite a devilish tongue-lashing if they ‘lapse’.

A woman makes a natural detective, however, she is a master attorney. She can argue a point. Having observed women over the years and having heard female strangers share stories, I have created a list of ten things a Trini man should never, ever say to his Trini woman, regardless of if they’re living together. Some of these quotes just have to be done in local parlance, so excuse me.

1. “I don’t think I’m buying any paint for the outside wall. That’s too much money.”
Possible Woman’s Response: “It wasn’t too much money when you went liming and drinking whole weekend with yuh partners last weekend? Ah sure yuh spend much more than the price of two cans of paint, so please!”

2. “A few partners coming to lime on Boxing Day eh.”
Possible Woman’s Response: “So now I have to go and cook again on Boxing Day? I was just going to cook on Christmas Day and cook enough to last until Boxing Day. (Steups) Like you helping me cook?”

3. “After I eat (on Christmas Day), I will go down by Sammy to lime.”
Possible Woman’s Response: “So you can’t just stay home with me and the children? De fellas will dead if they don’t see you for one day, man?”

4. “All of these groceries you want to buy for just one day?”
Possible Woman’s Response: “Who eats the most in the house, me or you?”

5. “Oh gosh! Yuh walk this store about 20 times! Make up yuh mind what yuh want nah!”
Possible Woman’s Response: “When you’re taking half day to wash de car while I’m slaving away cleaning and washing your clothes I does tell you anything?!”

6. “So you HAVE to get THAT?”
Possible Woman’s Response: “Well, at least I didn’t buy $10,000 rims or some stupid sound system! I work for my money too, so just how you could buy, I could buy. Yuh understand?”

7. “So you can’t just use the purple curtains from last year?
Possible Woman’s Response: “First of all those curtains from last year are LILAC. Secondly, those LILAC curtains would clash with the pattern on the new chairs. Hear nah, I am a woman, so I know what I’m doing.”

8. “This fruit cake not tasting like Mammy own.”
Possible Woman’s Response: “I look like your mother?!”

9. “Why yuh don’t learn to make pastelles instead of using this set of money to buy?”
Possible Woman’s Response: “Who going to sweat in that kitchen to make pastelles? You can’t even take yuh time to make a butter sandwich but you want to tell me to make pastelles? Look, mister!”

10. “Oh gosh, I don’t feel to go to your company dinner, you know.”
Possible Woman’s Response: “No? If Keith and dem ask you to go quite Toco, even 2 o’clock in the morning, you will go though! A little company dinner for three hours you can’t do for me?”

Gentlemen, the moral of the story is, Trini women don’t play when it comes to getting things in order at this time of the year. I gently encourage you, stay in your lane. Depending on the situation, embrace the sneaker giant’s tag, just do it!

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / DIVINE ECHOES
« on: September 27, 2014, 06:08:44 PM »
All yuh hear Kams and them bringing them back? Please tell me my girlfriend is mistaken.

Trinbago, NBA & World Basketball / THE CIRCUS IS BACK IN TOWN
« on: June 24, 2014, 12:02:29 PM »
MIAMI (AP) -- LeBron James is heading back to free agency.
James has told the Miami Heat that he is opting out of the final two years of his contract, his agent, Rich Paul, told The Associated Press on Tuesday. And with that, James will become a free agent on July 1.
''I have informed the Heat,'' Paul said.

That does not mean James is leaving Miami - but there's no guarantee that he'll be in a Heat uniform next season, either. A person briefed on the matter and familiar with James' thinking told AP that he has not decided where he will play next season.

''There's no other decision yet,'' that person said.
James addressed the lure of having flexibility last week in his exit interview after the Heat lost to San Antonio in the NBA Finals. And he will have plenty of it now.
Among his options: He could leave Miami entirely, join another team if he feels that better positions himself to win more championships, or sign a longer-term deal in Miami and afford the Heat some financial flexibility of their own in relation to the salary cap and luxury tax.

''Being able to have flexibility as a professional, anyone, that's what we all would like,'' James said last week. ''That's in any sport, for a football player, a baseball player, a basketball player, to have flexibility and be able to control your future or your present. I have a position to be able to do that. ... There's a lot of times that you're not in control of your future as a professional.''

The other two Miami stars with early termination options - Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh - have not yet told the Heat or publicly revealed whether they will join James as free agents this summer. Bosh and James both said last week that the three would meet before deciding anything about their respective futures, and it's been widely speculated that they might have to rework their deals to keep the ''Big 3'' together in Miami.

The Heat were not caught offguard or surprised by James' move.
''Players have a right to free agency and when they have these opportunities, the right to explore their options,'' Heat President Pat Riley said. ''The last four seasons have been historic and LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Erik Spoelstra have led the Miami Heat to one of the most unprecedented runs in the history of the NBA. We look forward to sitting down with LeBron and his representatives and talking about our future together.''

James, Wade and Bosh each signed six-year deals when they famously teamed up in Miami in 2010, and all of those deals came with options to become free agents either this summer or in the summer of 2015. Together, they've won four Eastern Conference titles and two NBA championships, winning more games than any other team in the league over that span.

''There's a conversation that will be had between the three of us,'' James said last week. ''I think it's only right. I think we've earned that for each other, to have a conversation and see what could possibly happen.''

James had about $42.7 million remaining on his deal with the Heat. He came to Miami in 2010 after spending his first seven seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the free agent dealings that summer, James said, was the ''craziest summer I've ever been a part of.''

This one might have a similar feel. James' wife posted a photo depicting Akron, Ohio - their hometown - to her Instagram account Sunday night, and that set off a social-media frenzy, even though it was only related to her annual trip home for the summer.
AP Sports Writer Tom Withers in Cleveland contributed to this story.

By: Stephen A. Crockett Jr

Marissa Williams is a real person.

She is 19 years old and had lived with her aunt in Fosters, Ala., since April. Then Williams' aunt learned that she was inviting boys she met online to her house, and their relationship became uneasy.

Williams' aunt told her that she didn't want her going to parties with men she had just met on sites like Facebook. Williams blocked her aunt on the social networking site so that she no longer had access to what her niece was up to.

Williams became friends on Facebook with Tre "Topdog" Ellis. Tre "Topdog" Ellis is not a real person; Williams' aunt created him. One day Williams asked him to kill her aunt.

What started out as a snooping session that could provide anecdotes for a stern talking-to about the dangers of confiding in strangers ended with Williams' aunt calling police and Williams being arrested and charged with solicitation of murder, reports. The teen is currently in Alabama's Tuscaloosa County Jail, pending a $30,000 bond.

According to court records filed Tuesday and viewed by, Williams unknowingly began chatting with her aunt shortly after she accepted the friend request from "Ellis" in May. reports that on the first day, "she gave the fictional boy her phone number and home address and asked him to come over and get drunk with her. She then offered to have sex with him if he'd pay her $50 cellphone bill."

A few days later, Williams told the man she knew as Ellis to come and kidnap her and take her out of Alabama and away from her family. According to a deposition viewed by, Williams then asked Ellis to shoot and kill her aunt if she tried to stop her abduction.

The planning got more detailed and sinister as time went on. According to court files, Williams told the fictional Ellis that she would pack her things in his car while he first killed his aunt's fiance. She even told Ellis how to get into her aunt's bedroom. She then wanted Ellis to kill her aunt, cousin and the family's dog on the way out of the house.

Williams' aunt called police and had the teen arrested. According to the deposition viewed by, deputies interviewed Williams, who admitted to the murder-kidnapping plot. She apologized and said that "she didn't really mean for anyone to be killed," reports. 


General Discussion / SEA pupil commits suicide
« on: May 08, 2014, 08:37:54 AM »
By Alexander Bruzual and Sue-Ann Wayow

Story Created: May 8, 2014 at 9:50 AM ECT

(Story Updated: May 8, 2014 at 10:08 AM ECT )

A boy who was due to write the Secondary Entrance Assessment examination today, committed suicide in his backyard yesterday.

Devindra Boodoo, 13, of Sadhoo Trace, Aranguez, founding hanging at around 4.30 p.m. Devindra was a pupil of the El Socorro Hindu Primary School.

His body was found by his grandfather who realised the boy had gone missing from the home and went in search of him.

The SEA is considered one of the most distressing time in the life of a child, and many have called for it to be abolished it is current form.

The Education Minister's communication's manger Alicia Busby told the Express that the Ministry learnt of the child's death last evening, and that members of the Student Support Service went to the El Socorro Primary Hindu School at 7a.m. today to counsel teachers and pupils. The SEA examination for the pupils began at 9a.m. and will be completed at around noon.

President of the Parent/Teachers Association Zena Ramatali said she had not heard of the child's death but that "the child must have been under tremendous pressure.

And TTUTA's First Vice President Devanand Sinanan said that the SEA should be replaced with another form of assessment. Sinanan said it was cruel and inhumane to ask 12 and 13-year olds to sit for a three hour examination.

Sinanan said TTUTA was saddened by news of the death.

(from the Multimedia Desk -


A 12-year-old girl has given birth to her 13-year-old boyfriend’s baby, making them Britain’s youngest parents.

The girl, at 12 years, three months, is the UK’s youngest mother, after giving birth to a 7lb baby girl last weekend.

She fell pregnant at 11, while still at primary school, shortly after starting a relationship with a boy who lives near her family home in north London, The Sun reports.

The parents, who cannot be identified due to legal reasons, have the lowest combined age of any British parents in history.

A source close to the family said the pair, who have been in a relationship for over a year, were ‘totally in love’ and plan to bring up their newborn daughter together.

They told The Sun: ‘Both sets of grandparents are incredibly supportive. It’s a very difficult situation because the parents are both so young – but their families are right behind them.

‘The baby’s mum and dad have been in a relationship for more than year, so this isn’t a fleeting romance. They intend to stick together and bring their daughter up together.

‘They’re very into each other, totally in love. She is obsessed with him. She sees this as true love. They want to get married.’

The proud parents posted a picture of them posing with their baby daughter online.

The young mother, who lives with her mother, hopes to return to school in September.

At 27, her mother is one of the UK’s youngest ever grandmothers.

General Discussion / HERE WE GO AGAIN
« on: April 15, 2014, 10:00:50 PM »
Govt official made sexual advances
Male victim files report with police:

By Mark Bassant CCN Senior Multimedia Investigative Journalist

ANOTHER Government official is at the centre of a sex scandal.
The alleged victim, a man, is claiming the official made sexual advances to him when he visited his home in North Trinidad last year.
The man filed a police report at a police station within the last two weeks. He claimed the incidents happened last year, in the months of January and October.
Mr Hall, who gave the Express permission to use his last name, said he had known the official since 2010.
“Mr....... and I had a very good, brotherly type of relationship that I look up to as a friend and a brother,” Hall said.
Hall, 27, dressed in a black jeans and white shirt with a black blazer, spoke with this newspaper at Express House in Port of Spain yesterday.
He said he went to speak to the official about a personal matter that he needed advice on in January last year.
“He told me to come and see him, and as I would have entered and walked towards the sitting area, he would have come and asked me what you have there, making approach­es to me; he would have stretch forth and pulled my penis and ask me what you have there,” Hall said as he gesticulated with his hands to demonstrate his point.
Despite the first incident, he said late last year (in October) , he went to seek advice from the official because one of his friends had got in a jam.
“She told me she was going to have an abortion, and I said let me talk to someone to get some advice on what you should do.
“I had just finished running around the Savannah and later, I went to his home. I was sitting on the chair and he was sitting next to me and we were having our conversations.
“I think at that point in time, I was really broken down because of the situation I was going through at the point in time. And he came and he was there, playing with my nipples and then raise up my jersey and then nibble on my nipples.
“I really didn’t like it; I got up and I left,” Hall said, ap-
pear­ing embarrassed at the situation.
The Express asked Hall if he had an intimate relationship with the official and he quickly replied, saying, “I strong­ly believe that God created man for woman and wo­man for man, and definitely, I would never say we are lovers. I am not bisexual and I am not gay.”
The Express obtained a num­ber of e-mails Hall had sent to the Government official this year; in one, he stated:
“I have not been able to talk to anyone about anything, I even refuse to come visit u when u say I should, because I am totally afraid of what might happen at your apper­ment (sic).”
In another e-mail he sent shortly after that one, he indicated:
“Your reaction is not one of someone that willing to make it right, yet someone that living in denial, is it that you afraid that this goes public, I am also willing to do so because someone else will come forward.”
Hall, said he grew up in a children’s home and had never experienced any kind of physical abuse in his upbringing.
He said he was disappoin­ted with the Government official trying to justify his actions.
“He even went on as far as to say after that I protected you when nobody else was there for you; I was there for you, you understand, but being there for me means what? That you are there for me, but it is okay for you to do what? Attempt to abuse me?” said Hall.
Following the correspondence, he said the official reached out to him in an e-mail a few days ago, which TV6 obtained; it said:
“Let’s talk about this, I have not mention your name or anything, if you want we can settle this, if not just say no, and then we fight really hard, think about this. Your family and you will live happily.”
“I took that as a direct threat to my life and my family life, and I immediately got in contact with the authorities.”
The Express e-mailed questions to the Yahoo account three times on Monday night to confirm the authenticity of the account and a response came bearing the official’s name, stating we needed to speak to his lawyers about this matter.
He refused to answer at least 20 questions that were posed to him by the Express and TV6.
Hall said he received a pre-action protocol letter from the official’s lawyers, stating in essence: “Allegations and insinuations were made against him which seek to impugn his character and good name”, and they rejected these allegations.
Hall revealed he had even spo­ken to another Government official a few days ago, seeking his intervention and assistance, and “he in turn called the Prime Minister about this”.
Hall said after the allegations, the official called him in tears, and he played an excerpt of that recorded conversation to TV6.
“What is this? Why, why would you do this?”
The recording appeared to be that of the official’s voice.
Hall said he has reported the matter to the police and said all he wants is a public apology.
“No form of monetary figure can settle the hurt and pain this has caused me. And if anyone has been abused by a Government official, a family member or even a teacher, I urge you to come forward and clear your conscience.”

General Discussion / CSI TNT STYLE
« on: April 03, 2014, 09:59:10 AM »
By NALINEE SEELAL, JANELLE DE SOUZA and    RYAN HAM Thursday, April 3 2014

click on pic to zoom in

IN A DRAMATIC turn of events, the funeral service and cremation of Pastor Vishnu “Kitty” Lutchmansingh were halted after police ordered DNA tests to be carried out to ascertain if the charred remains found in Lutchmansingh’s burnt out house were really that of the controversial pastor.

Lutchmansingh, 54, the founder of Faith Sanctuary Family Ministries, went on a murderous rampage on Monday, shooting dead his brother Kishan Lutchmansingh, 44, and using his (Pastor Lutchmansinghs) car to knock down and drive over his nephew Joey Lutchmansingh at a garden near Kishan’s Chin Chin Road, Cunupia home.

The pastor is believed to have returned to his Savary Road, Las Lomas No. 1 home, set fire to his house and then committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest. A charred torso, was subsequently found in Pastor Lutchmansingh’s house.

However, head of Central Division, Snr Supt Johnny Abraham on Tuesday evening refused to sign the release form authorising the cremation and instead ordered the funeral which was set for yesterday, to be cancelled.

Police officers took possession of the charred corpse at Guide’s Funeral Home in Couva and sent it to the Forensic Science Centre in St James for DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) tests to be done to scientifically ascertain whether the remains are indeed that of Pastor Lutchmansingh.

Police sources yesterday revealed that Abraham decided to take this course of action based on the findings of an autopsy done on Tuesday by Pathologist Dr Hughvon des Vignes at the Science Centre, which not only confirmed cause of death to be from a single gunshot wound, but also, that the shot was fired to the back of the victim.

Police sources added that officials at the Science Centre told investigators it was virtually impossible for a person to commit suicide by shooting themself in that area of the back.

Contacted yesterday, Abraham confirmed he had in fact ordered the seizure of the corpse, saying: “This investigation has now taken on a new twist. Based on findings of the pathologist, I have ordered a further probe and as a result, we have now withheld the body from relatives pending proper DNA tests to ensure scientific verification that the charred remains are that of the pastor.”

This turn of events, according to police sources, leaves investigators with many unanswered questions including:

• Is Pastor Lutchmansingh still alive?

• If he is alive, who is the person whose charred remains were found in his house?

• If the pastor is still alive, who was the person who shot the victim in the back and why?

• If the charred remains are indeed that of Pastor Lutchmansingh, who was the person who shot him in the back and why?

• If Pastor Lutchmansingh is still alive, where is he and was the ‘John Doe’ shot dead in the burning house to make it appear that it was the pastor who committed suicide?

Investigators are hoping the DNA test results could provide the critical piece of evidence needed to solve the puzzle and create a clearer picture of the incident which took place last Monday.

However, the mystery has deepened further when it was revealed by relatives yesterday that Pastor Lutchmansingh had recently sold a piece of property for $250,000 cash, which he kept in a steel safe at his home. However, after the fire was doused on Monday, that safe was found open and there was no evidence to indicate the money was destroyed.

When Newsday visited Pastor Lutchmansingh’s Las Lomas home yesterday, officers were seen walking among the burnt ruins of the house. An officer later recorded video images with a hand held video recorder while others sifted through the rubble.

Police sources confirmed to Newsday that during the search of the burnt-out premises yesterday, police found an empty ammunition magazine, among the rubble, for a nine-millimetre calibre firearm.

As police searched the ruins of the pastor’s house, curious neighbours and other residents gathered to watch proceedings. A resident, who refused to give his name, claimed he had witnessed Lutchmansingh shoot stray dogs and even corbeaux (vultures) in the past with his licensed firearm.

Lutchmansingh’s relatives said all other forms of identification for him were destroyed in the fire and they too believe a DNA test is the only way to conclusively tell if the charred corpse is indeed his remains.

Lutchmansingh’s brother Kishan Lutchmansingh’s funeral has been set for today at Guide’s Funeral Home in Couva. Joey Lutchmansingh, Vishnu’s nephew, told Newsday the bizarre twist in events, which now casts doubt on the identity of the charred remains, has further shocked his already traumatised family.

“Every time I close my eyes, the events play over in my mind. This is feeling like I am in a nightmare. He (Pastor Lutchmansingh) did not even ask any questions when he came to visit us on Monday. He just started shooting,” Joey said yesterday.

Lutchmansingh who shot to national prominence when he claimed to have inherited a £50 billion estate from American billionaire Buford B Keaton, was out on $75,000 bail after being charged with 88 counts of fraud in 2006.

After claiming that the massive Keaton inheritance was coming his way, Lutchmansingh is alleged to have borrowed over $3 million from several persons, at different intervals, promising to repay all with interest from the inheritance.


San Francisco, CA — On Monday history was made at the Chapel of Our Lady at the Presidio in San Francisco as the first-ever state recognized human-animal marriage took place.

Local resident 35-year-old Paul Horner was the groom during the ceremony. Joining him was his faithful dog Mac who is 36-years-old in dog years. Mac also decided to be the groom but ended up wearing a white veil at the last moment.

Father McHale who officiated the outdoor wedding told reporters he was extremely happy to be a part of this joyous moment of life. “This is the definition of true love my friends. There is nothing more sacred than the bond between a man and his faithful dog,” McHale said. “Now, since it is recognized as a legally binding marriage in the state of California, Mr. Horner and Mac will have all the same tax benefits and everything else coming to them that a regular married couple would receive. It’s a fantastic day to be alive!”

So how could this have happened?
In the book of California’s State Laws and Regulations there is a little known law that was passed as the state was first forming in 1850. According to article 155, paragraph 10, it clearly states:

If a man and a man can get married and a woman and a woman can get married, if ever comes that day, then a human and animal will have the exact same rights to marriage in every eye of the law. God help us if this ever is to happen!
In attendance was Horner’s entire family who flew in from Hawaii to witness the event. Mac had her puppies on hand and making a special celebrity appearance was Alex from Stroh’s and Spuds Mckenzie.

“I just love my Mac so much, I can’t wait till we can finally get back to the honeymoon sweet in Montana where bestiality is legal. Gosh, get with the times California! We can marry here just fine, but love making is a big no-no,” said Horner. “People keep asking me why I wanted to marry a dog. I told them I just want the same god given rights that every person in California is allowed to have. Don’t tell me I can’t marry my dog. I don’t tell you that you can’t marry a 500 lb woman with gas issues. That’s your decision. Don’t tread on me. I love my dog and I know he loves me a hundred times more than any gay wedding out there.”

With this wedding between a man and a male dog now on the books, one can only ask what is in store next?

A man marrying a toaster? A toaster marrying a dog? A toaster marrying a toaster?

America, what happened to the sanctity of marriage? Tsk. Tsk.

By Ben Johnson
Mon Jan 27, 2014 17:13 EST

TAMPA, FL, January 27, 2014 ( – The man who tricked his ex-girlfriend into taking an abortion-inducing drug has been sentenced to nearly 14 years in prison.

John Andrew Welden received the full negotiated sentence of 13 years and eight months in a hearing at 1:30 this afternoon.

"I don't think Mr. Welden is an evil person, but he committed an evil act and for that he's going to have to pay the consequences," said U.S. District Judge Richard A. Lazzara as he imposed the full sentence.

Welden signed a plea bargain in September to avoid life in prison for violating the 2004 Unborn Victims of Violence Act. But Lazzara, a 1997 Clinton appointee, nearly let Welden escape with only 41 months in prison.

The 29-year-old, who goes by Andrew, was engaged to Remee Jo Lee, 27. When she became pregnant, he accompanied her to an OB/GYN visit.

He then forged the name of his father, Dr. Stephen Welden, on a prescription of Cytotec and had an employee of Sunlake Pharmacy in Lutz, Florda, mark the bottle as antibiotics.

Lee ingested a pill, which induced a miscarriage on March 31. On Easter Sunday, Lee lost a baby she desperately wanted to keep, and had already named. Court records show the child was seven weeks old and was about one-third of an inch long.

“Every day is a nightmare for me ever since this began,” Lee said.

Remee Jo Lee, 27She recorded Welden admitting to the crime, and Welden signed a plea deal.

But defense attorney Todd Foster argued that one tablet of the ulcer medication Cytotec (misoprostol), which is often used off-label to induce abortion, would not be enough to cause her miscarriage. He also invoked Roe v. Wade to defend Welden's actions.

Judge Lazzara gave credence to these arguments at first, offering to reduce his already reduced sentence to less than three-and-a-half years.

Click "like" if you want to end abortion!
Expert testimony convinced Lazzara earlier this month that one pill was indeed sufficient to cause Lee to lose her baby.

The case exposed a tremendous gap in Florida law. Since the child was not yet viable, state law does not punish Welden's action. Ultimately, he entered a guilty plea to consumer product tampering and conspiracy to commit mail fraud in exchange for waiving other charges.

The loss of their grandchild has spurred Remee and her parents, Edward and Rosa Lee, to support the Offenses Against Unborn Children bill, a state measure allowing Florida law enforcement to prosecute anyone who kills an unborn child before the point of viability.

"We do not want this to happen to any other daughter," Edward Lee said.

Pro-life advocates warn that, now that the morning-after pill is available without a prescription, forced abortions will become more commonplace.

« on: January 03, 2014, 10:15:02 PM »
By Anna Ramdass
A private hospital has failed to report an incident where 17 pellets of cocaine were surgically removed from the abdomen of a man who had swallowed them and fallen ill. In an attempt to smuggle the narcotic, valued at millions of dollars, the 34-year-old man had ingested 20 pellets of cocaine which almost cost him his life.

Sources told the Express the man, who lives in Arouca, was taken to a private hospital by a relative after complaining of stomach pains and bowel obstruction. On December 21, 2013, the man underwent a laparotomy—a surgical incision into the abdominal cavity—where the cocaine was found meticulously packaged into pellets. The surgery, which started at 5 p.m., lasted for close to three hours and was conducted by a team of five—a surgeon leading three nurses and an anaesthetist.

Sources said during surgery it was found that the man’s bowel was perforated, as nine of the pellets had penetrated the bowel and had entered the man’s abdominal cavity. The Express understands that some 17 cocaine pellets were removed from the man’s body and he disclosed to the hospital staff that three were passed in his stool prior to surgery.

Sources claimed instructions were given by the surgeon to the medical staff to not take any pictures of the pellets and to package them in a re-sealable storage bag. The illegal drug was handed back to the man.
The entire procedure was done under a cloak of secrecy, but left staff at the hospital shocked and concerned. Staff are also asking whether the prominent surgeon who did the surgery was culpable in not making a report to the police after removing the large quantity of drugs from the man’s body.
Because of the bowel perforation, the man’s condition deteriorated and sources said he developed sepsis—a potentially fatal inflammation of the entire body.

Nine days later and after close to $100,000 in medical and hospital fees, on December 30, 2013, the man was transferred from the private hospital to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope.

Sources at the Mt Hope hospital yesterday told the Express the man’s condition was improving and he was currently in an adult medical ward. The Express was told the man was resting comfortably and was referred to a surgical team for further examination at the hospital. Contacted yesterday, one of the directors of the board of the private hospital said he was not aware of the matter and it was the first time he was hearing of it when questioned by the Express. He said it is the law that the police be called in when illegal drugs are found, but stressed he was “clueless” as to this case.

The Express visited the Mt Hope hospital yesterday evening, where nurses confirmed the man was a patient. He was not kept in the shared ward area, but in a single room where the Express saw two female visitors at his bedside. The man appeared weak and in a daze.

Sources at Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex said doctors at the public hospital were not told cocaine pellets had perforated the man’s bowels, causing him to contract sepsis.

Sources also said parts of the man’s bowel had to be removed because of the extent of the damage and a colostomy bag (a bag placed outside the body to collect stool) had to be inserted.

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‘Yellowwash’ coming for 2015—McLeod
Published: Friday, November 8, 2013Kevon Felmine
Published: Friday, November 8, 2013.

After four successive election defeats in a year, Labour Minister Errol McLeod says the People’s Partnership would be correcting its mistakes in the lead-up to the 2015 general elections. After that, Mc Leod said he expects a “yellow-wash” at the polls and that the People’s Partnership victory over the People’s National Movement would be even greater than that of 2010. In the last general election, the PP got 29 seats while the PNM got 12.



Summing up his take on the party’s loss at his Pointe-a-Pierre constituency office in Marabella on Wednesday, McLeod said, “Well, certainly one could not feel good if one is on the side that is considered to have lost. “What we have to do is examine the reasons why we may have incurred a loss and work assiduously to correcting it at the next run. So in 2015, I anticipate that the partnership is going to be like an avalanche. We are going beyond the 2010 results.


We are going to learn from the last four elections and we will not repeat the same ditches into which we slipped and the partnership is going to be like an avalanche. We’ll settle for a yellow wash.” The PP lost the Tobago House of Assembly elections to the PNM, the local government elections to the PNM and the St Joseph by-election to the PNM, and the Chaguanas West by-election to the Independent Liberal Party (ILP).


Mc Leod, however, refused to add the ILP into the fray, saying it was bound to dwindle away before 2015. “I don’t anticipate that the ILP will be there at all. I think Mr (Jack) Warner is going to be kept busy with certain other very important items,” Mc Leod said. Showing confidence in a resurgent government, Minister of the People Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh said the PP was getting stronger and the loss in St Joseph on Monday was an indicator of that.


Not worried about the ILP splitting the votes in 2015, he said the party had been inundated with calls from people who were coming back to it. “What I can tell you is that the UNC is receiving calls, off the hook, from people who are coming back home. There is a massive homecoming to the UNC, I can certainly tell you that.


“I think that we are more concerned with rebuilding our connection with the people and the partnership is reviewing its performance and assessing what we need to do over the next year. That is our preoccupation right now. “It’s happening already, the partnership is getting stronger and stronger, and St Joseph was an indication of that,” Ramadharsingh said.



School supplies grants distributed

Mc Leod distributed 43 school supply grants to members of his Pointe-a-Pierre constituency, each with a value of $510. The grants, which came in the form of one-time debit card, were from the Ministry of the People and Social Development. “We had intended to hand this out before the opening of the new school term but there are always there little hiccups with bureaucracy and then we had to go through the banking system,” he said.


“I am sure that the recipients of these grants will appreciate very deeply the efforts of the government to assist so many people in society who without this kind of assistance were going to have more difficulties than they are in now.” He said although the grants were costing the government a lot, helping people in their need was one of its purposes. Ramadharsingh told reporters that programmes such as these were reasons why people should support the Government.

General Discussion / SHAH A MUST READ
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Kamla croaks away
By Raffique Shah
Story Created: Oct 26, 2013 at 7:54 PM ECT
Type the name “Kamla” on the Google search engine and see what comes up. That “Kamla”, a very common Hindu name, instantly yields Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, suggests that she is the number one “Kamla” in the world—something we should all be proud of.
But the second word that follows the name is so disgraceful, I shall not even mention it here—not for fear of being sued for defamation (since it is fact), but because as a Trini-to-the-bone, I feel ashamed.
Now, I know the PM is not responsible for much of what is posted on the Internet about her. During the recent local government elections campaign, I heard her tell her supporters if they were dissatisfied with the performances of their councillors or parliamentarians, they should let her know via e-mail, Facebook, or other social media.

I assume, therefore, that she actively participates in postings and exchanges on the many social media sites that exist, which I hardly ever visit. These instruments and interactions, however, allow ordinary people to upload videos of their own, to manipulate and alter images and actions, and to comment on each other or on public figures.

The latest posting on the PM is a news clip from CNC3 Television, which I happened to view live last Tuesday night. The night before, elections night, when accurate results were hard to come by (which is another sad story), I was trying to follow developments via the three main television stations.
When, around 10 p.m, all stations cut their panel discussions and futile attempts to bring up-to-date numbers, and switched to a location in Siparia where the PM was addressing the UNC faithful, my jaw dropped.

I could hardly decipher the incoherent babbling coming from Kamla’s mouth. In the face of what appeared at the time to be a routing at the polls, she attempted to put a positive spin, but succeeded only in making a fool of herself.

At the time, in frustration, I switched off the television; but worse was to follow before the night was over. I didn’t think that in that state and at that hour the PM would journey to the Rienzi complex. After all, what good news was there to share? In any event, I thought she should be heading for one place—her bed.
Only the following night I would learn that she actually went to Rienzi, and in the stupor of defeat, she bellowed like a cow about to be slaughtered, croaking something incoherent. Again, I tried to figure out what she was doing. I was told she tried to sing melody lines from a song titled “This place called home”. I listened to the original on YouTube, and, well, I think Kamla and her chorus group should sing in private, behind firmly locked, soundproof doors.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I heard the lady say if she had to choose a career in her next life, it would be a crooner. I can empathise with her. In my college days, I fancied myself a calypsonian. I even had a sobriquet, Lord Carlti, which some boyhood friends use to this day. I knew the lyrics and melodies of most calypsoes, especially the bawdy ones!

But I could not sing. So, except for carrying on out of time and out of tune when we were having fun, or bellowing to my heart’s delight as I shower (even now), I never inflicted my non-talent on the public. A man must know his limits.

Joke aside, what is Kamla’s real story? She said she was aware of the video posted and the vile comments that accompanied it (I have not read them). She added that she had grown accustomed to the vilification, and she expected worse to come.

I shudder to think that she plans to take us deeper into the gutter. Because, except for one such video I have seen that appears to have been “doctored”, the others—and there are several—are authentic clips of the PM “performing”. They tell a sad story of a woman who, three years ago, fired the imagination of the public, only to let us down badly, to take us beneath the limbo bar.

What is worse is that the men around her seem incapable or unwilling to reach out to her, to lend a helping hand, to extricate her from hurtling down the highway to Hell. Make no mistake about it, the results of last Monday’s elections spell doom for the UNC and the Partnership.

With a record-high turnout of 43.5 per cent of the electorate, the ruling party mustered a mere 27 per cent of the votes cast, with the PNM surging ahead with 42 per cent, the ILP managing 22 per cent, and COP trailing with 7.0 per cent.

The coalition effectively controls only three of 14 corporations, and is virtually dead in the vital East-West corridor.
In the face of this electoral avalanche, the PM croaks and her supporters sway. A sign of the times?

General Discussion / ELECTION DAY THREAD
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I eh know if we had 1 before so it will be merged if we have one.

Today is the 1st day since 1991 the first time I voted I eh steups before during and after I vote.

General Discussion / Mother and Son graduate with PHd
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- A local mom and her son have achieved great heights in education, but it didn't come easily. The pair recently earned their PhDs on the very same day, a goal that seemed impossible when their long journey began.

"Never in a thousand, million, trillion years [did I expect to get my PhD]. The thought of becoming a doctor anyone was far fetched," said Dr. Maurice McBride.

He got his diploma at a ceremony in Minneapolis, MN in August, but the day wasn't just about his accomplishment. It was about sharing the stage with his mother.

"I never thought I would get chance to see my mother walk across the stage and then she turned around and saw me walk across the stage," he said.

It was a day that seemed nearly impossible considering where they started.

"At the age of 13 I got pregnant with Maurice," said Dr. Vickie McBride.

She was a young mother growing up in Waynesboro. She said, "It was shunned upon and of course the older people in the community were whispering."

But that didn't stop her or her mother. Vickie stayed in school while her mother, a retired teacher, helped out with Maurice.

"As a teenager I continued my education. That was never an option," explained Vickie.

She made it to college and graduate school all while raising Maurice and eventually 3 other children.

"I had to figure out how to work and how to parent and how to manage school all at the same time." she said.

Maurice had his own struggles. At just 16 years old he dropped out of high school.

" started hanging out with some of the wrong people and got into some trouble," he explained.

After ending up in a juvenile probation facility he knew it was time to turn his life around. He said, "I picked up the bible and I started reading and I was like it all makes sense. I see how it actually comes to fruition. I see how I ended up here."

He got his GED and then pursued a music career. He signed a record deal with Capital Records, but he never stopped his education. It was something that was instilled in him by his mother and grandmother.

"As a recording artist I also attended school online," said Maurice.

He kept going after he left the music world. He went on to graduate school, becoming a professor at Paine College and then one day he called his mom.

"I said 'hey I think I'm gonna get my PhD. You wanna do this with me?' 'No that's okay. You bumped your head, but you can go ahead and you can do it. I'm done with school'," he recalled.

After talking it over, they decided to do it together. Vickie graduated with her PhD in K-12 Education and Maurice in Organizational Management from Capella University.

"I didn't let my situation define who I was. I defined my situation. I looked at my situation and I told situation this is where we are going and this is what we are doing," said Vickie.

A proud day for both a mother and a son.

"I was so proud of him because I knew where he had come from," said Vickie.

"This is who she really is despite what she's been through," said Maurice. "This is how I've always seen her and now I'm like 'hey look this is her' with the cape and the supermommy uniform."

And they want their story to be a lesson to those struggling now.

"For those who have gone through [tough situations]. You can be successful. You can be anything. You can do anything once you make up your mind that that is what you want to do. Set a goal and go for it," said Vickie.

Maurice says he wants his mother to write a book with him about their story. He's also working to convince her to go to law school but she says she'll sit that one out. She just plans to be in the audience for that graduation.

They are both working as teachers now. Vickie teaches middle school and college in Virginia and Maurice is a professor of business at Paine College.

General Discussion / 10 Unrecognizable Post Baby Parts
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Anna Luther
Anna Luther is the mom behind the blog, My Life and Kids, where she strives to make you feel better about your messy, crazy, fabulous life. Find her on Facebook, on Pinterest and Twitter @LifeandKidsBlog.

Having three kids has done a number on my body… and my life. From the giant elephant that used to be my vagina to the varicose vein that constantly gets snagged on the coffee table, there are countless parts of myself that I no longer recognize. The top ten…

1. My Elephant. You might call yours a vagina, but I made the mistake of taking a hand mirror down there for some post-childbirth exploration, and all I saw was a giant, weary elephant looking back at me. Sometimes I have nightmares that he’s trying to eat me. On Mondays, I can hear him sighing in exhaustion.


2. My Legs. What I used to consider legs are now mountainous road maps that all seem to point to a nursing home. I snag my varicose vein on the coffee table multiple times a day. And don’t even get me started on the sexiness that oozes from my compression hose.


3. My Life after 10 pm. I used to be doing my first shot at 10 pm. Now I feel like I’ve been shot at 10 pm. Going to bed before midnight used to make me nervous that I was missing out on something. Now I start to twitch if I’m not in bed by 11 pm – because I know someone will be waking me up at midnight, one, two, three, four and five.


4. My Stomach. I really don’t know why it’s called a muffin top. Muffins are delicious and make me smile. But the dough ball that continues to rise over the top of my pants is not delicious and it does not make me smile. But it does keep me from being able to look down and see my varicose vein, so I guess that’s a good thing.


5. My Ride. One word: Minivan Or is that two words? Before kids, I would have had time to look that shit up… and I would have cared about getting it right.


6. My Dry-Shriveled Carrots. AKA, my breasts. After three years of breastfeeding, I got so talented that I could swing one behind my head and pass it around the minivan for anyone that needed a snack. I just asked that it be passed back before anyone got out of the car. (I do have some standards.) Now that my breastfeeding days are over, my breasts have been replaced by dried out, shriveled up baby carrots.


7. My Right Eye. Am I the only person on earth to have one eye become larger than the other post childbirth? I have WebMD’d this issue countless times – but there appears to be no known disease to diagnose me with. All I know is that my face used to be somewhat symmetrical. After baby #3? Well, I don’t want to brag, but I have been invited to be the crazy-eyed freak at the circus.


8. My Clothes. I was never all that put together in the first place, but I did used to leave the house every morning to go to a place called WORK. I owned high heels. And pants other than torn jeans and sweats. Now I just pray that no one near me dies, because I’d have absolutely nothing to wear to a funeral.


9. My Perineum. I didn’t even know I had a perineum until it was destroyed by three vaginal births. And apparently – I have a SHORT perineum – which means that I tore from hole to hole during each childbirth – resulting in a giant vasshole.  And giant vassholes produce a lot of sharts - trust me.


10. My Poop. I used to be on a very rigid schedule – 10 am every single morning – just after my 2nd cup of coffee and just before my morning snack. Post children, this type of rigid schedule is laughable. And apparently my giant vasshole only feels like working when I’m out in public with all three kids.

General Discussion / NO WILD MEAT
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Hunting ban starts Oct 1
By DARCEL CHOY Thursday, September 19 2013

A hunting moratorium will take effect from October 1 for two years in order to protect the country’s wildlife from becoming extinct.

Environment Minister Ganga Singh revealed this yesterday after commissioning the Chin Chin road pipeline project in Cunupia.

His announcement follows a few days of protests by hunters outside the Forestry Division, Long Circular. They have called on the minister to confirm whether there will be a hunting season this year because many of them were waiting to purchase their licences. The hunters said when they attempted to purchase licences they were told by an official they were not selling any at that point.

Singh yesterday said the hunters could not get their licences if a moratorium was coming.

“The hunters, have a self interest. They say that wild meat is organic meat, the fact of the matter is, the numbers of hunters have increased dramatically. If this over-harvesting does not stop; if we do not put an end, or ensure that people who engage in this activity are stopped, then we would lead to the elimination of several species in this country,” he said.

These species include the agouti, lappe, deer and quenk (wild hog).

He said once the moratorium was put in place, a baseline study would be done in consultation with the University of the West Indies to determine how many animals per square kilometre there are in the country.

In addition to that, Singh said they were looking at increasing the penalties for breaches of the Conservation of Wildlife Act from a maximum of $2,000 up to between $50,000 to $100,000 together with a term of imprisonment.

He said the ministry was going on an enforcement mechanism increasing the number of Environmental Management Authority (EMA) police officers; increasing the efficiency of the foresters and the rangers so there would be an improvement in enforcement.

The minister noted there were 407 illegal camps set up in forest reserves and sanctuaries, and he was currently engaging the national security forces to have them removed.

Singh said the ministry was also teaming up with the Zoological Society, the Ministry of Food Production and the Forestry Department, and was looking at going into commercial wildlife farming. He said the funding for that project will be accessed through the Green Fund.

Buddie Miller, official delegate of the Confederation of Hunters’ Associations for Conservation, in response to the minister’s announcement said once Singh makes an official statement, they will test the legality of his decision.

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A blonde heard that baths in milk would make her beautiful. She left a note for her milkman Dave to leave 25 gallons of milk.

When the milkman read the note, he felt there must be a mistake. Dave thought she probably meant 2.5 gallons. So he knocked on the door to clarify the point.

The blonde came to the door and the milkman said:
"I found your note asking me to leave 25 gallons of milk. Did you mean 2.5 gallons?"

The blonde said:
"No, I want 25 gallons. I'm going to fill my bathtub up with milk and take a milk bath so I can look young and beautiful again."

David the milkman asked:
"Do you want it pasteurized?"

The blonde said:
"No, just up to my tits. I can just splash it on my eyes."

Better Black America

Singer Janet Jackson had a widely celebrated wedding to billionaire Wissam Al Mana just a few months ago.  You might have heard that the wedding cost millions of dollars, and since that time, Janet hasn’t done any acting or released any music.

It has since been reported that Janet has moved to the Middle East and converted to Islam.  Surprisingly, she also has disavowed music and left the industry entirely.  Janet says that part of the reason she wants to leave music is so that she and her husband can live a private life away from the media.

Al Mana made his fortune through the Al Mana Retail group, which is owned and controlled by his family.

This is Janet Jackson’s third marriage and her last major media appearance was in a Tyler Perry film, “Why Did I Get Married?”

Janet is now 47-years old and still looking great.  She got her big break in 1982 after releasing the album control.   We will always love Janet, whether she lives in the US, the middle east or anywhere else.

« on: July 01, 2013, 09:28:05 AM »
Cure needed urgently  for memmbers of this  govt.

Moonilal applied for siren, lights in Range Rover
Published: Monday, July 1, 2013DENYSE RENNE
The $24,000 a month Range Rover HSE leased by the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) is for use by employees, it was Minister of Housing Dr Roodal Moonilal who applied to the transport commissioner Ruben Cato for permission to install a siren and two strobe lights in the vehicle.

Sources say Moonilal’s initial application was rejected by Cato, since the minister could not properly explain the reason (s) he needed the “blue lights.” Apart from this, Moonilal did not have law enforcement escorts driving the vehicle, which was another requirement for granting permission. Around the same time, sources said, Cato also had an application for a similar vehicle outfitting from then national security minister Jack Warner. In rejecting Moonilal’s application, Cato approved Warner’s application.

The T&T Guardian understands Moonilal subsequently submitted another application, this time through the security ministry. Cato was on leave at the time and the request was  granted by assistant transport commissioner Basdeo Gosine. Contacted by the T&T Guardian and asked on what grounds he needed the “blue lights and siren” installed in the Rover, the minister, via text message, said: “These are security matters. I feel insecure with your questions.”

Also asked on what grounds Basdeo acceded to the request, Moonilal did not respond. Questions thus remain as to why Moonilal is using the vehicle exclusively and why he installed “blue lights and siren” in the vehicle if it was for use by HDC employees as well. Last week, former HDC board chairman Henckle Lall justified the leasing of the Rover, saying the corporation purchases “rugged vehicles for the terrain.” Lall had said the Range Rover was not leased specifically for the minister but for HDC officials.

“Nothing is leased for the minister, all vehicles are leased for the HDC,” he said. Since the vehicle was leased in February 2011 it has been in use by Moonilal. The T&T Guardian contacted a well known mechanic who specialises in Range Rovers to ask his opinion on the suitability for local terrain. The mechanic, who did not wish to be identified, said it would not be a wise choice because the Rover HSE is a luxury sport vehicle.

The mechanic said while it is used for rough terrain in other countries, T&T did not really have such difficult areas and the cost for repairing and maintaining them varies and parts locally were expensive, with one shock costing  a minimum $10,000. “It is a great vehicle for outdoors. This vehicle is used in heavy terrain in the US, England and other countries, but their terrains are worse than ours,"the mechanic said.


Asked what he considered “heavy terrain” in T&T, he said, “Going into the oil fields or even into the rice fields in Caroni. The fields in Caroni are terrible, even tractors get stuck there,” he said. Checks into some of the locations visited by Moonilal since the lease of the Range Rover revealed he is yet to venture into any terrain which could be classified as “heavy.”



The Range Rover

The Range Rover HSE was leased from Furness Car Rentals. HDC pays a monthly fee of $24,150 for it, while the total lease agreement for the three-year period is $869,400. The lease runs from February 2011 to February 2014. At the time of the approval, the HDC board also included Douglas Johnson, Gunness Sudama, Graig Davis, Reyna Kowlessar, Nadia Ali and James Lambert.


Moonilal's response

Moonilal had told the T&T Guardian, “The Rover is very sturdy. The vehicle was provided as a lease vehicle in keeping with (the) practice before to provide vehicles to ministers. “I also use other vehicles depending on work requirements. As for choice, Rover is strong and equipped for the terrain. You seldom see a Rover in highway accidents.”

By F. Brinley Bruton, Staff Writer, NBC News
KLEINFONTEIN, South Africa - An all-white enclave less than an hour from South Africa’s capital is fighting to hold on to a segregated life reminiscent of the country before Nelson Mandela toppled the apartheid regime.

“We feel that our culture is being threatened and we want to protect it and we want to nurture it,” said Marisa Haasbroek, a writer and mother who serves as voluntary spokeswoman for a gated community called Kleinfontein. 
Kleinfontein does not hide its ties to South Africa’s divided past, nor its mistrust of the country’s present: At its entrance stands a bust of Hendrik Verwoerd, who is seen as the father of apartheid.

 A fence surrounds its almost 2,000 acres and guards in fatigues police at the entrance of the community condemned as "racist" by some critics. Among the reasons that Haasbroek and others in the cooperative town cite for walling themselves off are the country’s high crime rates and institutionalized affirmative action, which they say results in white people being frozen out of jobs and university places. 

Before moving to the town of some 1,000 residents, applicants must embrace the community’s “core values,” which are about being a Protestant Christian, an Afrikaner – the group descended from Dutch settlers – and speaking Dutch-based Afrikaans. No non-whites or Jews live or work within its boundaries.

Less than 25 years after the end of the apartheid regime run by white Afrikaners, Haasbroek said their specific identity was under threat.

“My son is the tenth generation with the Haasbroek name in South Africa,” she said. “We are not colonists. We have been here for generations and generations building up the roads, making the infrastructure.”

“And suddenly we don’t feel welcome anymore,” she added. 
If Afrikaners' rights aren't protected, the children of a community that South African President Jacob Zuma calls Africa's "only white tribe" will disappear, according to Marisa Haasbroek.
So the residents of Kleinfontein have dug in and built a community that they say reflects their heritage. Residents have to be approved by a committee. And all the work is done by Afrikaners. Signs declaring “We are here to stay” in Afrikaans dot the property.

But the issue of who is allowed to live in Kleinfontein -- and who is excluded -- offends many. Its residents are from the same white minority that ruled the country for decades, imposing strict racial segregation and oppressing the majority non-white population.

While the community has been in existence in the outskirts of Pretoria since 1992 – two years after anti-apartheid icon Mandela was released from prison and two years before blacks were allowed to vote – criticism of it has grown recently. 

In late May, a black man was blocked from buying a house there. Demonstrators protested outside its gates and local officials launched an investigation of the community, saying discrimination on the basis of language, race and color is illegal.

But along with the criticism, there has been sympathy.

Subscriptions to its “Friends of Kleinfontein” newsletter jumped by around 20 percent in the last three weeks, Haasbroek said.  At least 10 people called the community saying they wanted to move there immediately.

“The impression we got from many Afrikaners is that many of them support our right to live the way we do, even if they themselves don't want to come in live in our quiet little town,” Haasbroek said.

But it isn’t just any quiet little town. 

While residents say they simply want to preserve their culture and language, critics argue that the mere existence of the community is a rejection of Mandela and his vision of a non-racial nation.

“The fact that there are children growing up there and being indoctrinated with hateful ideology that paints all black people as criminals, that really concerns me,” said Czerina Patel, a South African journalist who is the executive director of Yenza, a charity that works with disadvantaged young people. 

“The bottom line is [if a non-white] Afrikaans-speaking person wanted to live there they couldn’t,” she added.

Residents of Kleinfontein respond to criticism by saying it is they who were being squeezed out of Mandela’s “Rainbow Nation.”
Johan Foley's home includes the old South African flag (left) and the old Transvaal province flag (right).
Johan Foley, a former bank manager, did not mince his words about why he moved to Kleinfontein about 20 years ago.

“We are worrying about black people,” said Foley, 76.

“Every time they get their hands on something, it is going bankrupt, there are troubles," he said. "White people gave them clothes, an education.”

Foley said he moved to Kleinfontein after he built a “pretty house” in Nylstroom – renamed Modimolle by the post-apartheid government. 

“We found something strange happened – all of the empty lots in town suddenly they built up with these 40-square-meter houses. And then we found out they had sold out the whole of Nylstroom to the black people,” he said.  “And at that moment, I decided I had to sell my house.”

He is entrenched and will never leave, he said, because his vision of South Africa is being ruined.

“Since 1994, since black people are taking over this country, everything has gone wrong,” Foley said.

The community is a shadow of the country’s former mighty ruling class. 

A clutch of tents and mobile homes sits on part of the property – these are Afrikaners who are too poor to buy into the cooperative, or build or buy one of the modest brick homes that dot the property. 
Workers employed to build roads and carry out maintenance live in in these mobile homes in Kleinfontein.
A sense of crisis pervades any conversation about the future.  In the event of the death of Mandela -- who made a point of reaching out to the white community and indeed appointed an Afrikaner as his personal secretary -- things were likely to get worse, residents said.

"(Mandela) reached out but I don't think his followers or the people who came after have the same spirit," Haasbroek said.  "That's why people are worried."

And if Afrikaners’ rights aren’t protected, the children of a community that South African President Jacob Zuma calls Africa’s “only white tribe” will disappear, she said.

“I don’t think they’ll have a future here. Will they have jobs?" Haasbroek said of her children.  “Afrikaners are getting poorer and poorer. I can pack up my things and do what my sister did and go to Australia.”

“My husband’s an engineer, he can get a job anywhere,” she added. “But what about my people?”

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