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Football / Is our current midfield the best ever?
« on: October 10, 2013, 04:37:01 AM »
I am amazed at that midfield. Question?  Have we ever had a better midfield?  dis is a real question eh!

H. Hector - A Guerra - Molino - Boucaud - Peltier - Hyland - Theobald - K. George -Cato

any takers?

Football / How much would you spend online to see TnT vs Bermuda?
« on: August 23, 2011, 05:37:29 PM »
Let's say for instance one of the many online -present TV stations in Tnt decide to feature game online at a premium. what would you (local and foreign) be willing to spend to view it. I believe something between 2.99 & 4.99 US. What are you thoughts? Could this become a reality? someone with insider information on such things.. set we straight nah!

Football / Diaries of a Spoil Child
« on: June 13, 2011, 10:42:21 PM »
I say spoil child because dat is de impression everybody else gets about little ole TnT and how possibly could we be the spoil child of football with we 1.5 mil personas? Because we daddy is de Wealthiest man in de region. Rich in de pocket and wealthy with his mighty sword ; his pen! Who is we daddy.. Well Jack Warner of course.
I like, so many other spoiled sons use to think that it was cool being "the rich boy" The boy who everyone is forced to like because well within this social fascist sub-reality that we pass off as life - the guy with the props always comes out on top, right? Even now there are those that would say "Oh shut up" allyuh born wid a gold spoon; but yuh want to come down here in de ghetto and wha poorer folk feel sorry for allyuh.

 But as all born rich could tell.. being de rich boy isn't always fun now is it. As a matter of fact, many times ah woulda rather trade it in for a fighting chance equaling a fighting spirit among st our concacaf peers. But not me! Me personally, I grow up thinking I dont have to train to hard, I dont have to try to hard, I don't have to work to hard. Why? because if all else fails, I could dial 1-800-Jack Warner and he will come put a bandage on de bobo. But never a real fix is it? No but he have more bandage than Johnson and Johnson. On the flip side.. As I watch Jamrock playing Grenada in de Gold Cup ah sayin to myself. boy when yuh daddy is de Teacher of de class it does be hard boy. Anythin that have to happen is me does have to get de sidelined. A boy feel sick and have to go by the principal office is me dey callin to carry him. One man too many on the field lunch time sweat and is me have to come off; well because my daddy run de program. Any matrix have to take place to let another in and well we have to sacrifice time and time again. Well at least we would have de best development programs in house right? Wrong.

 The perception that we always can, means that we most times don't, just because we always can. Maybe that's why the lion sleeps so much because anytime he feels like it, he can get up and eat ah food. But we can't anytime get up and eat ah food can we? We can't even qualify for a regionally tournament but yet still have to be regarded in the international spotlight as a spoil child. We daddy always out fighting some war so.. no play time at home - so development sucks. Mommy disenfranchised so she doh want to put in no effort either I.e the private sector. De governments stance is well yuh is de sugar daddy Jack so hook dat shit up. We shouldnt have to do much. Somewhere someone might feel sorry for daddy but he never tries to talk to me and share the burden, the love or the wealth. Instead he rather tell us stories about how he only had a slippers and cardboard to go to school in; as he prepares to set off for another trumped up war leaving us here to suffer. Well leh we at least play some games while yuh gone nah daddy? Nah boy, sorry ah go have to take dis ball and give it to Haiti.. they never had a ball. But it have 3 ball daddy. Ah know but de other 2 is for Grenada and panama. What a life! and I suppose to be the rich boy, de spoil child and I constantly wind up with nothing.

But ah not worrying because a big name coach go come and pull we out of de whole.. de bandage ting nah and as soon as he does ( even though we still have to scrape tru) everyone go forget how hard things is for we and we revert to de gold spoon routine. Yes I am a product of de gold spoon so now de ideology is inherent. It has now become we heritage and we have all bought into it. God is a Trini huh? Well I feel I rather go and check out Budha or Allah or something because then God doh take care of his own.
Don't worry bout me, soon gold cup will be over, qualifiers will begin and all these feelings of animosity will subside. We goin Brasil, Daddy say so, so who am I to say different; I'll tell you who I am - I'm just a disgruntled son  who knows different!

Football / Warning!
« on: July 31, 2010, 07:18:50 AM »
Is anyone else getting malware warnings about this website. Something about using clearspring something that contains malware? any feedback? Mods? anyone?

Football / Darryl Roberts Thread
« on: October 18, 2009, 08:23:35 AM »
Obviously this was motivated from Roberts goal. Please help express our dissatisfaction with the fact that Roberts cant get a look from our new coach. If coach man want to keep he wok he has to be accountable to his public. So coach man I/we are formally asking.... why not Darryll Roberts??

please show your support for Roberts...

If this topic already exist then Mods do your thing... if not leh we do something as a united front. SWN has more weight and provides more info than the powers would portray.

Football / Its been 2 games already....
« on: September 29, 2009, 07:00:13 AM »
How do we feel about Coach Vranes....

I thought There were glimpses of starry eyedness and inexperience in the first game. I like how he bounced back. I thought that he played the second game with more ferv and tactical awareness. This observation includes the defense and for us thats a first. I like his bravery in using the 3-5-2 /5-3-2 when collapsing. I thought his team selection was fair and unbiased and I hope this continues as I hope to see young grovsnor startin infront of Gay next game. I liked his Subs so far also Like how he stuck with Clarence when he showed he belong on de startin 11. I think Da Silva should get another touch of de ball... All in All I think we have a descent coach in Vranes and a definite prospect for 2014 (especially since its his team that might make up the core of that squad)

Maybe im a bit starry eyed as well. Please, somebody set me straight.

Football / Skill and Technical ability
« on: September 28, 2009, 04:33:22 PM »
I feel I going with running off de ball for the my most needed. but then again there is fitness.

Football / I know this is a Rehatch but....
« on: August 15, 2009, 08:19:02 AM »
Should it not be illegal to block the blasted games on FSC. Where is de blasted logic in dat. We already gettin FSC. In order to promote an other station (rights) they must block scheduled programming on another station.
This should be a criminal offence. Faoxing annoying if yuh ask me.

Is it me alone... ??? ???

Football / With Shaka being gone and Ince finally being No.1.....
« on: December 30, 2008, 06:24:51 PM »
On a side note. Though I voted for Ince over Kelvin, I feel like we kinda get cheated out of what promised to have been a heated contest between Ince and Kelvin for de No.1 spot . Anyhow back to reality - Ah guess because of statistics Warner gets de nod but who is really de best keeper for de wok?????
Calling on de local diehards who have seen phillips and Jan perform and can testify...

Football / I remember de calls for Zamora....
« on: December 28, 2008, 04:45:12 PM »
After seeing Zamora against good and bad opposition Im not sure who place he could take if even he was to play for Trinidad. Maybe Glen by tally but he stats dont compare to de likes of Kenwyne, Scotty, Stern and Roberts. Who you think would lose their spot if zamora was to accept de wok?

This is a tactical question and should be seen in that light...

I for one was real gungho yesterday in my thought that well... It have to be that this new coach just fraid to attack or believes in a stagnant midfield with play moving up de middle vein as opposed to the wings. To reach to that conclusion I thought of de current crop of players... I thought of who cya make de side like de Tintos, Kerry Baptiste, Daryll Roberts, Samuels. After listening to the Guyana game it seemed alarming that there were so few runs made up the flank by the wingers and de left and right back seemed to be encouraged to keep dey tail in de back and forget that overlapping thing.  However Is it a case of our shabby backline coming to bite us again?  Could it be that Pacho dont mind attacking or attack minded players but cya afford to expose de backline? Wouldn't be the first time ah coach would have we baffled for keeping offence ordered so we can recoup and not get burnt on de counter attack... (Im not taking Beenie of de hook for Latas) just defending the style of play.. Space create options and Latas can definetly create his own space.  Ah go tie it up now...

All ah we know dat we aint grow up focusing on no defence... Few players actually like it down in de back dey and does normally wind up in de defence because de coach say so.  Famous saying in TNT... "If yuh tired, go play backs" when de Defence should be treated and celebrated as its own very viable entity.  TNT dont defend well.. De Strike Squad and De WC squad are probably most noteworthy but more than likely it was alot to do with de coaches ability to organise them and keep de play tight.

So de question is....  Is it dat Pacho dont like to attack or is he just dam scared to open up de back????

Football / There is a poster about to hit de 10,000 mark soon.
« on: June 13, 2008, 01:09:47 AM »
Moderators help meh out here nah. De other day ah see a poster about to hit de 10,000 mark and that has to be noteworthy. We got to celebrate that so tell we who that poster is so we could give him/her some props for such a record of posts. That has to rival most number of posts on any forum board. If somehow this is kinda confidential info, my bad. Personally I cya remember who it was or i would type dey name myself.

Football / Chelsea: Blues want Barca’s Messi
« on: May 04, 2008, 05:34:27 AM »
Chelsea: Blues want Barca’s Messi
Lionel Messi

How much? Messi (L) could well be on his way to Stamford Bridge. (Action Images / Albert Gea)

Sunday May 04, 2008
by Ian Griffiths

SINGAPORE (espnstar.com) - Chelsea are planning an audacious 80 million pound swoop for Barcelona star Lionel Messi according to newspaper reports in England.

The News of the World revealed on Sunday that Stamford Bridge boss and Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has given the green light to a move which would take the footballing world by storm

The previous transfer record is currently the 48 million pound deal that saw Zinedine Zidane move from Juventus to Real Madrid in 2001, a figure that would pale into insignificance should Messi’s Chelsea switch become a reality.

Messi was at his usual brilliant best during the Catalan side’s recent UEFA Champions League semi-final defeat to Manchester United, a display that reinforced just how important the diminutive Argentina international is to Barcelona.

Although, given the size of the bid Chelsea are reportedly tabling, Nou Camp officials may well have their hand forced.

"Roman is convinced Messi could change the whole face of Chelsea and is willing to spend what it takes to get him,” a source close to the proposed deal told the News Of the World.

"He has always wanted that type of player. Under Jose Mourinho he accepted the football because it was bringing in the trophies but he got bored. Grant wants to change things but has explained it takes time and a lot of money to alter the style.

"Now is the time for Roman to finance that change. Chelsea are attractive because of the wages on offer and they are in the Champions League final."

Football / Maybe we are as much to blame as Swansea!
« on: April 06, 2008, 12:41:18 AM »
This is a tuff one. It taking everything out of me to admit it but JASON SCOTLAND isn't as celebrated as much as he should be. Now due to recent events with his club this has manifested itself at the club level but what about at the country level? No I am not saying that forumites do not applaud the work or form of Jason Scotland but do we even mention his name next to the likes of Kenwayne Jones, Stern John, Roberts and Patterson. I wont drag this on but we must come to terms with the fact that Scotland is an unsung hero topping the charts in his league and is in fact TnT's most prolific and in form striker at the moment.
Still in our minds he is 3rd and 4th string when his stats suggest that he should at least be if not 1st then second on that list. So touche to our unsung hero Jason Scotland and I will try to remember dat he is a big big player whenever his name comes out my mouth and not by by mere persuasion,  reduce him to the level of a  player who is PFL or slightly above.

Jason Scotland is a baller dont matter what Swansea, TnT or ignorant/uninformed fans like myself might think.

Football / For all de Hesky Haters
« on: September 14, 2007, 01:10:07 AM »
Football: England revival leaves Rooney battling for place in team

목요일 9월 13, 2007
by Steve Griffiths

LONDON (AFP) - John Terry believes England's impressive understudies have shown nobody can take their place in Steve McClaren's side for granted, not even Wayne Rooney.

With David Beckham, Rooney, Frank Lampard and Gary Neville sidelined through injury, McClaren turned to a group of players who might lack the star quality of those names, but more than made up for that with their desire to impress.

Gareth Barry, Emile Heskey, Micah Richards and Shaun Wright-Phillips all played key roles as England kick-started their spluttering Euro 2008 qualifying campaign with wins over Israel and Russia.

McClaren will be hard-pressed to find a place for any of his quartet of absent stars in next month's matches against Estonia and the Russians.

England captain Terry was stretching a point when he claimed even he can't afford to let his standards slip as competition for places hots up.

But the message was clear. McClaren has finally got his players battling to stay in the side and the result has been two much improved performances that took England into second in Group E.

"No-one's guaranteed a place now," Terry said. "Everybody feels it. I really feel I've got to go back to Chelsea now and perform at my highest because there's players like Wes Brown, Joleon Lescott and Michael Dawson in the squad.

"They're players wanting my place. We've got to maintain our level of performance week in, week out, when we're away with England, training every day and in the games.

"Everybody coming into the squad really wanted to fight for their place, especially Gareth Barry, Shaun Wright-Phillips. It's great to see and we've got that throughout the squad.

"Players who aren't on the bench are determined to work harder on the next trip and make the starting line-up. That's the determination we've got throughout the squad.

"We've done very well but we've got some key players coming back. That's a decision for the manager to make.

"We've got a lot of Premiership games coming up but hopefully everybody will stay fit and give the manager a difficult decision to make."

Such was the force of Heskey's impact alongside Owen that McClaren now faces an previously unthinkable dilemma. Could he leave out Manchester United star Rooney for Heskey?

If he does opt to keep faith with the muscular Wigan striker, few would complain.

Certainly not Terry, who appreciated how well the front two combined as Heskey's physical presence helped Owen score three times in the two qualifiers.

"Emile's been different class," he said. "You find yourself on the pitch when he holds the ball up saying 'fantastic Emile, fantastic'.
"All through the game and in the last game as well, he was different class, and the partnership he struck up with Michael has been fantastic.

"Michael's always showed he has that cutting edge. Whenever you get chances you can't wish them to fall to anyone else than Michael Owen. He's such a great finisher and works so hard."

While Owen and Heskey dominated at one end of the pitch, England goalkeeper Paul Robinson was enjoying his eighth cleansheet in nine Euro qualifiers at the other.

Robinson's place was in jeopardy after his mistake against Germany last month, but McClaren stuck by him and the Spurs star is repaying that faith.

"A week's a long time in football and to be stood here now with two clean sheets under my belt is pleasing," Robinson said.

"I feel slightly different from the way I did three weeks ago. But as quickly as it turns one way it can turn the other way. I'm not going to take anything for granted.

"The manager's been excellent. He's been very strong. He's got his ideas and he's picked a winning team that's played well as well. You've got to give him credit."

On a side note... If Hesky's ability is to hold up de ball and be a physical presence up front (like Stern John)then who is our Michael Owen.
Yuh cya play a hold up man unless yuh have a finisher alongside him or else you will have limited goals hence de T&T setup.  So maybe Stern still has a place in de form of a (Emile Hesky) but we need a fella like Scotty now to finish dem off or we wasting time. Stern cya play no lone striker and by de way... Kenwayne hot on stern heels for dat Hesky role bringing a little more mobility as well. De forward line look in good shape if de right coach can use de right players de right way. (providing he have dem in de first place).

Imagine Shrek gettin bench alongside lampard... lard have his mercy.  Dat is what we talkin bout. Obviously Shrek have more depth than Owen and all round is a better player but Owen is a scoring machine and when he gets in his element he go kill somebody.

Beenieman coulda well run Latas next to stern in de final quarter of any game and change de ting a little bit.

Football / For de Florida Members....
« on: September 01, 2007, 07:58:25 PM »
Ah find everybody keep de fact dat East win de ting dis year ah secret... When Tobago and South win, de ting does be posted all over de place. Is tru a grapevine ah had to fine out dat de East bust allyuh tail and nobody dont want to man up. Dat is alright though because de news is out...

For other forumites who dont know.....

East Win de Annual Competition in Broward dis year. Dat is right. Take back de tittle after bout 2-3 years. So de trophy back in de right Cardinal point once more...   Dont forget de sun does rise in de East.. Ah ent go distress de West/North as much because dey dont be talkin as much shit when dey win. but dis one is for;

Tallman, Bago, Big Snake and de rest of de Bago and South man dem.....

Football / WEe Have A Big Problem....
« on: August 14, 2007, 06:58:00 AM »
How we seeing this Sunderland vs Birmingham game on Wednesday. Birmi have dat new youth Muamba who lookin like a star and Trinderland need to beat dem for championship bragging rights and to keep de pressure on for de title...  Any ideas???? because dem mainstream channel not showing it.

Football / Sunderland To Approach Cole
« on: August 05, 2007, 08:59:34 AM »
05 August 2007, 1:36 PM
Sunderland To Approach Cole

Sunderland To Approach Cole Black Cats manager Roy Keane is lining up a move for former Manchester United team mate and free agent Andy Cole.

The 35-year-old striker left Portsmouth last week after a pay-off from the south-coast club was finalised.

Keane (pictured) is still looking to strengthen his squad for his first season of Premiership management and veteran Cole may be a useful figure to have around.

The former United front-man has Premiership experience in abundance, having played for six clubs in the top flight and ten in total.

The Sunderland boss knows Cole’s talent from when the pair were pivotal member in the 1999 treble winning United side.

A close friend of the striker told the News of The World: “Andrew is quite surprised by Roy’s interest but he didn’t have to think too long about making a decision.

“He thinks Sunderland are going places.”

The paper has speculated that Cole will sign a one-year deal worth £32,000 a week with the possibility of adding a further twelve months if the striker impresses.

Football / Enough time pass - Who is de better player...
« on: July 04, 2007, 10:09:28 PM »
Ah know dis have to be like a Gerrard and Lamphard ting but ah think we even solve dat case in a post de other day. So ah asking de question so we could put dis one to rest as well.

Who better between Messi and Robhino.... ah dont need ah why nor does it matter bout position.
And all Argentina haters(me included) must be objective.

Ah think ah going with Messi but ah feel by time ah fiish wid de post ah go change meh mind again.
wha allyuh think... who we givin de prize. (and dont say freddy Adu)

Football / Dis was de Year we coulda beat de US
« on: June 12, 2007, 07:10:58 AM »
It is down right rude and intolerable to have these  elected and self appointed leaders blow what was sure to be one of our best years in the gold cup.  We fight tooth and nail to get de Team to Germany and whilst there we put on enough of a display both on and off the field to to receive a little more worldwide props about our country and football. In addition we had a good crop of younger players to carry on the battle as we approach WC2010 and we not tryin to be no one hit wonder like Jamaicia..... This was de year when we would comfortably  overcome de Panama's, Honduras, Guatemala and instead be looking to the bigger outfits like de US, Costa Rica, Canada, Mexico  to measure up to.. Matchin these teams toe for toe in the gold cup would have been a first for us, we always seem to be outdone. But this year we had de confidence to match de TnT flavor. We box with big Teams like Sweden and England and didnt lose face in the process. We were supposed to be charging forward this year to beat de USA but instead we blow this opportunity to after coming back from WC germany to strut our feathers on de concacaf front and show that we deserved to be in Germany and it wasnt no fluke, no Jack Warner setup. I will not comment on de current Team but save my boy Spaan who has for me taken his game to a new and exciting level. De boy know how to hit de leather sar. So we lose this chance hopefully everything work it self out in time for TnT qualification because I am truly afraid to see if the powers that be would have the audacity and gall to send such and inexperienced thrown together unit to represent de country on de world stage dat gettin aired allover de place.

Football / Who yuh like for de Courts Bowl Final
« on: May 21, 2007, 07:00:30 PM »
ah think W. Connect is a bigger Team and therefore have de odds in their favor but after seeing a slimer trimer jemmot and Mc farlene combo in de semis ah going with Rangers for de Cup.

P.S.  Dey better mark Jan M. Williams good.... ;D ;D ;D ;D

Football / Gold Cup, What Gold Cup? We dont have a Team!!
« on: May 21, 2007, 06:29:28 PM »
Why do our people in authority continue to take de public for granted? Why do they continue to not consider de feelings of de fans? What gives them de right to deny us? Why do people feel dat dey could sabotage our Team and there be no recourse? and most importantly How de hell are we to go and represent de country and we dont even have a Team yet? what about a practice match?  Do they think we are Brasil?  we can just go out there and Wing it? Oh dammit man.
It almost seems that de powers dat be should have just sat de gold cup out? Do they get to say allyuh should-na sue we after or things might be different? What do we do at dis point?  Oh Oh, so maybe in de last 2 days before de tournament de might lift de gauntlet and allow senior players to join de fold? At dat point even if we play with our WC Team what are de predictions without a warmup match? without re-gelling? Is since Germany these fellas aint sweat together?

So many questions and look what date it is today and we still have no answers. Worse, we have a clueless coach who aint get payed for de last 2 months. Is dat why no training going on?
did Wim say he aint coaching until he get paid and rightfully so?

Does this story have a happy ending? could it?

I guess we must again rely on heavenly intervention or a dennis lawrence header or which comes first because from de outside looking in things lookin real shabby.

I know lets just do our chant and everything will work out.....

candyman, Candyman, Candyman.....

wrong chant.   God is a Trini - God is a Trini - God is a trini - God is a Trini- everything will somehow be ok.

Fo%k preparation and pre-cup match fitness..  God is a Trini.

Ode to Jack....

Football / Cali A1A make early exit
« on: May 12, 2007, 06:50:57 AM »
Gordon Pierre reports...
LARRY GOMES STADIUM – An errant pass by defender Charles Pollard resulted in an own goal and that was all it took to send the High Flying Caledonia AIA team out of this year’s Courts Pro Bowl on Friday at the Larry Gomes stadium.

Playing in the second game of a quarterfinal double header Caledonia was edged one-nil by a gritty and battle hardened Superstar Rangers outfit.

It was a game which saw the present joint leaders Caledonia and fourth placed Rangers lock horns and local football fans was treated to a display of tactical awareness and structural play not normally seen in these parts and at times only a footballing purists could have appreciated the beauty of the game being played.

The game started with both teams being on able to unlock the other defence and it was not until the 11th minute that any team would have a look at goal, when Caledonia’s Marvin Oliver headed straight at the goals keeper from a cross by Hayden Tinto.

Caledonia AIA vs Superstar RangersThe game continued to be a very cautious affair, but in the 22nd minute a beautiful cross by Todd Ryan was headed over the bar by the league’s leading goal scorer Errol Mc Farlane.

Caledonia’s Dwight Peters also headed wide after a great ball by Walter Moore in the 31st minute. Four minutes later a piece of drama would unfold that would change the game for good, Devon Modeste who was having a good game on the left side of midfield ran down the flank and took a good shot from distance which Kerwyn Beckles in goal for Caledonia handled easily. He then distributed the ball to Pollard who under pressure from Modeste attempted to pass the ball back to the keeper, but instead placed the ball into the back of the net.

Caledonia AIA vs Superstar RangersThe goal got the Caledonia team clicking and they pressed forward but without creating any real goal scoring opportunities. Rangers almost when two up, when in the 41st Errol Mc Farlane headed just wide with the goal at his mercy after keeper Beckles had parried a shot by Devon Modeste into his path but the score remained 1-0 at the half.

The introduction of National skipper Densil Theobald at half time added some much needed sting to the Caledonia offence but try as they may they could break down the well organized Rangers defence.

Caledonia best chance of the half came in the 72nd minute when a shot from Theobald from distance cannoned off of the chest of Rangers keeper Shane Mattis. The game continued to be a dog fight without any team gaining any goal scoring advantage and as the game wined down and ‘Marvin Time’ approaching Caledonia was hit a severe blow when Oliver was sent off for dissent in the 88th minute ensuring that there would be no 90th minute heroics today.

In the end Rangers held on for the win and will meet Defence Force in the semi-finals at the Manny Ramjohn stadium next Friday.

Look how long these results come out and none ah dem posted yet. Ah sure we could find out other info and results online right now. Dat is de shit dat people talkin about. If dis was a Manboo - Chelski clash we would get dem results since de dam game did play. and maybe yuh might not be a lover of Rangers or Cali but yesterday plenty ball play and is still only a few select dat does normally find these local articles and post them. I will become one of dem select too now because if yuh want change yuh first have to start with yuh dam self.

Support de local football. Dis is a blasted TnT site. WTF TnT not good enough?

Football / Is Time we support de PFL like is we own
« on: April 08, 2007, 08:49:24 AM »
In retro, somebody (fellow forumite) say dat yuh cya become a dominant force / nation in football unless yuh have at least a descent league running.
Wedda or not we choose to call de PFL prominent... it is what we got.  One might say well whats de big deal, we does support it, we does  read bout de scores in de posts, we might make a friendly bet or 2 on who might take de cup but I dont think that I like de PFL de way I like de EPL.  I dont sweat missing a Jabloteh game but if Chelsea or Manu playing ah missing sleep. It is I am sure easy to say well de standard of ball in de PFL, de lack of organization, Jack, Romany, Who ever Else and continue along dat same regular thousand reasond why de ting just to difficult but while we busy making excuses about we own everybody else own taking flight. We must support we ting, despite de difference in level between carlos edwards and Kwame Wilthshire. We must put de (Fan) pressure on organisers/organisations to make de ting as good as it could be. We have to let de Local players know that we interested in how they play, how they progressing, their goal averages and physical fitness. I know dat de forumites on SWN are ready to support de PFL in a big way this season. Plenty transfers went on. De Teams kinda even out and ah have ah feelin is plenty upsets this year. Maybe we could let de PFL site know dat de Internet & foriegn base interested in seeing de PFL games on a bigger level online - Live if possible, clear and on a bigger screen...lol... and I am sure $10.00 season pass wouldn't hurt none ah we either. All I sayin is dat this year I ready to follow de PFL just as much as I follow anybody else league and also support as much as I can because is we ting and we cya call weself SW and we not backing de platform that is de display mechanism for our local players.

If allyuh feel like is time for we to support de PFL in a bigger brighter way dis season let meh hear allyuh!!

Just come across de lyrics for this masterpiece and it would be unfair to not share it. We all know it but ah dont know if we remember it. So ah go drop de lyrics for all de real Trinbagonians in de house.  Thisa is still de best tune every written.  If yuh want to sing along to de music yuh go find it on toronto-lime .com under de classics....

Some times it is good to remember from whence we have come.


Progress - Austin

Today when I look around in the world, what do i see
I see footprints that man have left on the sand
While waking through times
I see fruits of our ambitions
Figments of our imaginations
And I ask myself, when will it end, when will it end

It is plain to see universally this land is not bountiful as it was
Simply because in its quest for success
Nothing stands in man's way
Old rivers run dry, soon the birds wouldn't fly
The mountains will be no longer high
And when I really think of it
I does wonder why, oh why

[verse 2]
I see charity deplored, equal rights totally ignored
Wisdom and ingenuity working in accord, simply to afford
Such inventions as total nuclear warfare and environmental warfare
And I wonder now, where do we go from here

Prophets everywhere gaze up on the horyzon and declare that judge will come
As the hands of unscruplous men pale everything past by
Time is running out
As we eat and drink species are at the brink of being extinct
And I think, no one can deny
That the price of progress is high, real high

[verse 3]
I see consciousness as bait, as today we live recklessly
Money, lately goes inflate and thereby create a turbulent state
I see a struggle between the sexes
New hang-ups and old complexes
Now the question is
Right in context, what shall by next

I've already seen this world have come divided between race, colour, creed
and class
And some of the things the scripture predict truthfully come to past
Soil that wouldn't bare
Children making children to be a part of this growing mass
And I ask, if this is progress ?
How long will it last

Football / Is Zizou Bullish on the Big Apple?
« on: February 09, 2007, 06:46:11 AM »

Former France national team star and Real Madrid "galactico" Zinedine Zidane is in New York this week fueling speculation that he is discussing an offer which would bring him to MLS' New York Red Bulls. Zidane attended a New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden and was spotted Wednesday evening at fashion week event promoting adidas' Y3 fashion line.

MLS has long coveted the midfielder, rightly hailed as one of the best players of all-time. The linchpin of the "golden generation" of French talent, Zidane gained infamy this year after being ejected for headbutting Italian defender Marco Materazzi in the World Cup final in Berlin. France went on to lose the game on penalty kicks.

Zidane was subsequently suspended by FIFA for six games, but as he retired from club and international play, he has not yet served it. Should NYRB sign him, Zidane would have to serve the suspension.

Jeff Agoos, the former U.S. national team defender and current technical director for NYRB was candid today when reached by a reporter, saying, "We haven't spoken with him, and I don't have any plans to do so at this point in the near future.

"I'd love to go out with him though, if he's coming here," continued Agoos. "And we'd certainly be interested in having him."

Will Kuhns, Communications Director at Major League soccer declined to comment on Zidane saying ""It is MLS' policy not to comment about players who are not under contract to the league." Speculation about Zidane has been persistent since last summer. Earlier reports linked Zidane to an offer from the Chicago Fire, which Zidane reputedly turned down. Chicago Fire officials stated today that they have no plans to sign Zidane.

Should New York be able to snag Zidane's services, the move would but an emphatic cap on a dizzying transfer season that has seen MLS become the unlikely dominator of headlines.

With the signing of David Beckham to an enormous contract for the Los Angeles Galaxy, MLS has become a worldwide talking point, with a tenacity that has yet to evaporate despite the fact that Beckham will not appear for the Galaxy until July.

Football / Which Team got de Best uniform so far??????
« on: June 26, 2006, 09:07:32 AM »
I cya say ah see nothing special dat make yuh want to go and buy it fast.  I likin this Italian shirt though  with de dark blue wings on de regular blue shirt.

What allyuh likin so far??

Football / Who gets de prize for "most improved Soca Warrior"
« on: June 16, 2006, 08:52:28 PM »
Who is de most improved Soca Warrior.De warrior that raised eyebrows (Fans) not outsiders who dont know no better....

My vote is for de one and only Mr.... Cyd Gray..  Mr Cyd Gray followed by a close Brent Sancho to me has to be de most improved player.  Cyd Gray has gone on and beyond, showed speed I didnt know he had, shake at least 2 man and run up de flank. Cyd Gray had a no-tolerance policy down in de back (except England subs.. well..) minkind was done tired anyway after putting in 80 odd minutes. Most of dem things said could also be said about Mr. Sancho who get on like a beast in de back line but we kinda know he had it in him but under improvement or rather showing what mankind was really made of;  Cyd Gray gets de trophy...

Cyd Gray for Mayor of Port of Spain

Football / Tallest go make WC Bloopers
« on: June 12, 2006, 12:05:29 PM »
Ah lookin for a copy of de video when Tallest run into de refree and knock him down. We sure to see Tallest in somebody Bloopers after de WC.  Does anyone have de video to put up?

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